An Easy 9 Steps to 10,000 Followers on Instagram

Growing my Instagram followers to 10,000, there’s a lot of lessons I’ve learned. We’ve been working hard. We’ve been posting daily and I’ve learned so much. We’re very excited for this milestone, but even more excited to share the behind the scenes with you all. I’m going to cover nine things today.

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An Easy 9 Steps to 10,000 Followers on Instagram IG Story

An Easy 9 Steps to 10,000 Followers on Instagram

  1. Partnering with brands and giving them away. So, find out what your people love and give it away, partner with brands and do a giveaway.
  2. App to automate liking and commenting. I was using this app and it’s no longer available. And the reason they don’t have it anymore is that Instagram doesn’t want them out there because they don’t want this automation. So they shut them down.
  3. Instagram pods. The more likes an engagement got, the more comments you’ve got, the more Instagram will show your stuff to more people.
  4. You don’t always have to have the same post every single day, every single month. It’s okay to change. Our brand has really grown as I’ve seen what people like and comment on. I’ve changed my Instagram profile to a business account, and once you have a business account, you can monitor your analytics and you can see what posts are doing better than others and getting a lot of likes and comments.
  5. Have a schedule. A schedule is really important for making sure that I get things done. My calendar reminds me that it’s time to post and it’s become this consistent thing for me. Continue staying consistent over and over every single day and you will grow. It will happen.
  6. Instagram stories. You can document what you’re doing and give a behind the scenes peek at your business.
  7. Instagram is the new blog. Obviously websites are still very important. But you also have to remember that you can almost microblog on Instagram. So if you wrote a great blog post, make sure that you’ve also put that on Instagram.
  8. Using Linktr.ee. Instead of just linking to one thing on your Instagram, you can use your linktr.ee and then that links to a separate page which gives you like six options to link to other things.
  9. Get professional photos done. This might seem expensive. It might seem crazy, but I will tell you that it’s so worth it to have a library of photos that you can choose from.


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