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How to Ditch Your Dead-End Job and Find a Career You Love.

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How to Fast-Track Your Business Startup and Create a Life You Love.

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Jennifer Kroiss

"I was blown away. I've always wanted to find a community of very strong and professional women who are there to support one another." 

Jennifer had a lot of fears just starting her own business on the side of her 13 year corporate career. She was worried about her boss finding out as well as not knowing all the answers and having to figure things out on her own. 

Her biggest accomplishment was conquering the mindset of transitioning from an employee to entrepreneur and this is something that has led her to be able to resign from her day job in August 2016 and have her first invoice paid by a client the following month!! Woohoo!

Jennifer Kroiss

CRP Member since 2015 

"Thank you for what you do! So many doors have opened since I started and I’m so grateful. Anna helped me realize I am in control of my destiny. Anna helped me transition from a job I was just comfortable in to a new career where I am now growing and challenged." 

Cristina Amurao, Nashville, Tennessee. 

Dream Career Launched: Marketing Manager at Logan’s Roadhouse

Cristina Amurao

Char Stackle

"I just followed the steps and got my business plan done. I have progressed rather quickly all because of CRP.

I got three extraordinary things out of CRP. First, I got a community which was great because I realized that I am not alone. Second, I got the content and just followed the steps and got my business plan done. Third, I got your customer service and your commitment. Anna, you are so committed to helping us out and making sure we are progressing along. I have progressed rather quickly all because of CRP."

Charlene Stackle

CRP Member since 2016