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Classy Career Girl® Certified Career Coaches have completed a rigorous 6 month training program and maintain active status by continuing education. They are trusted experts to guide you to find a job or business you love that supports the life you want. Our coaches have completed practice coaching, independent study and a final exam. They have worked with Anna Runyan privately throughout the 6-month certification program to improve their coaching skills and attain their Career Coach Certification.

They have completed extensive training in The Classy Career Girl Client Career Transformation System and can help you transform your career, business and life. Our Certified Career Coaches adhere to Classy Career Girl Values and Mission and have received positive reviews from their clients.

They help first, never stop learning, make a difference and don't waste time.

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Job Search Coaching

Hire a Certified Career Coach to help you identify and find your ideal career.

Business Coaching

Hire a Certified Career Coach to help you create a profitable, freedom-based business you love.

Leadership Coaching

Hire a Certified Career Coach to help you manage and engage others as a leader.

Productivity Coaching

Hire a Certified Career Coach to get organized and reach your annual and quarterly goals.

Specialized in Career and Business Coaching, Bilingual: Provides coaching in English and French

"Thanks to Magali, I feel more structured and productive in only 30 minutes."

I help women find their ideal job or create their own business without abandoning their health, family or well-being.



Certified Career Coach

Magali has worked for 16 years as a Communications Manager in the 40 largest French companies. Magali decided to become an entrepreneur to improve work-life balance. She helps all women regardless of their status, color, origin, disability, age, physical appearance improve self-awareness and build a career aligned with themselves. She lives in Guadeloupe.

Specialized in Business Coaching, Productivity Coaching and Life Coaching

"Just talking with Annie brought me a lot of clarity."

I help women who are at a turning point in their lives. I encourage and guide them as they pivot into the next phase and embrace a future they create, one which fuels their inner soulfire and is filled with choice, flexibility and fulfillment.

Annie Brown


Certified Career Coach

I have reinvented myself many times throughout my life. As a single mother and lifelong learner, It’s now time to share the learnings I have gathered along the way. I help you to reach each milestone, one at a time. With an ultimate end goal of satisfaction and success. She lives in Australia.

Specialized in Mindset, Business Coaching and Productivity Coaching

"Candace really listened to me and helped me make a plan of action."

I help people get unstuck, and transition into their ideal lifestyle with our proven system that guarantees they can feel excited, productive and fulfilled.


Certified Career Coach

Candace McRae, has counseled 1-on-1, facilitated groups, organized events, taught classes, been a speaker for women's events and more. Candace founded Ladies of Life, an interstate, Christian group that encourages and edifies women to become all that God has designed them to be. She is a trained life coach, mediator, arbitrator, ordained Minister, and Business Owner.

Specialized in Business Coaching, Marketing and Measurement

"Thank you Ashley! I got more focused and less overwhelmed."

I help business owners go from wasting time, energy, and money on marketing that doesn't work to maximizing and implementing more of what DOES work, so they keep more of their profits and have more time and energy for their families.

Ashley Clayton


Certified Career Coach

In her 12+ years in the tech industry, Ashley has always loved helping small business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses. She loves the geekier side of marketing and holds several certifications from Google, Hubspot, SEMRush, BrightEdge, and Optimizely. She lives in Oklahoma.

Specialized in Job Search Coaching, Career Reinvention, Career Mapping and LinkedIn

"Joan's presence and powerful questions were very helpful."

I help mid-career professional women pivot into a career they love in their current organization or pivot and reinvent themselves into their dream career in an organization that values their talents.


Certified Career Coach

I reinvented myself out of an organization that did not value my skills and was toxic on many levels. I have worked in numerous industries such as local government, nonprofits, health and wellness, social services, employment services, and in the mental health spaces. Let’s work together to help you achieve your career goals!

Specialized in Leadership Coaching, Productivity Coaching and Business Coaching

"You have to work with her! I have so much more time for my family now."

I take a balance-centered, heart-led and science-backed approach to delivering results to working mums with busy schedules.


Certified Career Coach

Carina Lawson is a business efficiency consultant, personal productivity expert, certified high-performance coach™, and the founder of Ponderlily Paper & Planners, design-led and ethically focused boutique stationery brand for inspired and intentional living. Carina is Brazilian-born, Arabian Gulf-raised, and US/UK-educated. Newcastle, England is where she, her husband, and twin girls call home.

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