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Meredith Silberstein

CCG Certified, Specialized in Business Coaching and Technology
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Meredith is a Business & Technology Coach for Female Entrepreneurs. Prior to founding Indigo Ink Solutions in 2010, Meredith worked in industries as varied as retail, food service, tech support, sales, and libraries before pivoting to online education and coaching.



Specialized in Business Coaching and Technology


“Meredith is knowledgeable, honest, and transparent.


I am a business and technology coach that helps women-run small businesses and organizations that are overwhelmed by technology design thriving online businesses so they can make sense of the overwhelm.


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They have completed extensive training in The Classy Career Girl Client Career Transformation System and can help you transform your career, business and life. Our Certified Career Coaches adhere to Classy Career Girl Values and Mission and have received positive reviews from their clients.

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