The 6 Best Podcasts for Your Career
There’s no secret that listening to books and audios can help you moving forward toward your dreams and goals. If you’re running low on motivation to continue that career you have started, listen to these podcasts to help you go even further.

The 6 Best Podcasts for Your Career

1. Manager Tools

If you are a director or manager, Manager Tools is a good source of some of the best podcasts that trains you to be more productive and effective in your management responsibilities. Some of their latest podcasts are listed below:

2. Good Life Project

Good Life Project is a “soulful and inspired global community.” They have more than 300,000 subscribers and boast about unscripted conversations that power up anyone listening. Some of their best podcasts are:

3. Beyond the To-Do List

Founded by Erik Fisher, this site is dedicated to talking to real professionals who share their secrets to productivity, professional strategies, and personal development in order to live a good and balanced life. You can listen to some of their podcasts listed below:

4. Happen to Your Career

Scott Barlow, the Founder of Happen to Your Career, aims to help people become the best they can be by providing the best podcasts to not only live their lives to the fullest but to also find their true career paths. Listen to some podcasts from the site.

5. 48 Days to the Work You Love

Want results in 48 days? 48 Days LLC provides 48-day programs that help individuals and professionals in their business success as well as personal life success. Some of the podcasts you can listen to:

6. The Classy Career Girl Podcast

At Classy Career Girl (CCG), we are passionate about meaningful content and community at the intersection of your work, dreams and everyday life. We believe that the work we are doing will help 2,000 women launch their dream careers and businesses by 2018. When women support other women, incredible things happen. Start listening now.


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