10 Career Success Principles: How to Find or Build Your Dream Career
There is no career out there that is impossible for you. There is nothing I have done that you can’t.
Today, I am inspired to share the ten principles I have learned and lived by over the past few years that have completely changed my life and my career. Do these and your life will change, I promise you.

1. Do what you can, with what you have, from where you are today.

I did all I could, with what I had, from where I was. That meant having a 3-month old hanging on my hip who had a tongue tie, so I was literally breastfeeding, pumping, and then bottle feeding her around the clock. It was crazy while doing this all and planning a trip to speak internationally in Brazil, but I didn’t give up going in the direction of my dreams with what little time I had.
Before my daughter was born, I did all I could during business school while working full-time to find my dream job as a Professor and then also to launch my dream business. I didn’t have much time or money, but I made it work and didn’t let myself give excuses for not achieving the success I knew I could have.

2. It is all about baby steps and imperfect action.

This is the key. Just focus on the first step in front of you right now and don’t get overwhelmed.

3. Treat your current job and life as your dream job to create the life you want.

What ways can your current job be your dream job? What activities can you add to your plate? What new tasks and skills can you add to your resume? What do you enjoy at work and how can you do more of it?
This is exactly what I did. I added tasks to a job I hated, which turned it into my dream job when I got a side gig as an Adjunct Professor at my company (unpaid!) teaching a “How to Navigate Your Career” class.
I also started going to a coffee shop and working on my business before work, so I started feeling more like an entrepreneur. I started speaking and training on the side (also unpaid of course).
I changed my attitude, and I started not letting people I worked with bring me down. I started saying NO more to things. I stopped trying to be perfect at my job and trying to please everyone. I took the focus off promotions and raises and instead I started going in the direction of my dream career and life. And then it happened!!!

Anna at event Career success principles

4. You are what you think you are.

I started thinking that “I am an entrepreneur” and “I do have my dream job as a Professor” and “I am living my dream life traveling around the world with my husband.”
I dove into reading and getting the coaching I needed to make my dreams happen. I also started surrounding myself with people who I wanted to be like someday.

5.What happens tomorrow is because of how you thought, what you said, and what you do today.

When I was still stuck in a job I hated, I tried to do little things every day toward living my dream life. I started traveling around the country doing free speaking events, growing my blog and writing and publishing book. I became a career coach, speaker, and author all while still working at my day job.
Even today, I still follow this principle. Back in July just two months ago, I made a goal of helping at least 50 women in my recently revamped program, Love Your Career Formula 2.0. I said it, I told people, and I took actions towards my goal.
It’s surreal, but it came about with action and careful planning. I made scary decisions last month and even closed the legacy Love Your Career Formula program to new members in preparation for my goal to happen this month. I invested in video production, new email, and marketing system, and so much more KNOWING that it would all be paid back in September when 50 women signed up.
I visualized that 50 women this month would sign up so I could help them. And they did. Start living your dreams today as much as you possibly can.

6. Get rid of your shoulds.

We all have so many shoulds, don’t we? But what if I asked you instead, “What do you want?”
This is one thing I have really learned during my cross country road trip living a location independent work lifestyle. Every day, I do what I want to do instead of all of the housework, laundry, meetings, and requests.
Everyone thought we were crazy because it was so outside the norm to leave San Diego and go on a road trip to Iowa. But it was one of the best decisions ever.mila career success principles image
The day we packed up and started driving, I literally dropped my to do list. I got rid of shoulds and started doing more of what made me happy that I really wanted to do, like spending quality time with friends and family I haven’t seen in years and staying in random inns off the beaten path in North Dakota with my little family. So many adventures we are having, and it’s all because I started doing more of what I really wanted.
I am a better CEO, mother, wife, and encourager to all of you as well. My creativity is through the roof. I am relaxed. I am happy. My only should is to take care of myself and my family the best I can. How simple is that?

7. Thoughts become things.

If you think your career transition will be hard, it will be hard. If you think it will be fun and easy, it will be.
That’s exactly how I have thought about re-updating my entire Love Your Career Formula course. I knew I could make it even bigger and better, but two months ago, I was overwhelmed. So one of my affirmations that I have read every morning for the last two months that totally came true is “Putting together Love Your Career Formula 2.0” is easy and fun. I am creatively challenged, passionate, and on fire!

And I have never created anything more me and exciting in my life.

8. Instead of thinking, “How will I get my next job?” think, “How can I best serve the world?”

This is a reframe of your mindset.  I want you to reflect on whether you are job searching or thinking about starting your own business. You have talents within you that you are aware of and others you aren’t even aware of yet. You have a calling, which is what you would do whether you were paid for it or not.
Get off monster.com and get some time alone to start coming up with your plan to best serve the world.  Do you even have any idea what you are capable of!!??career success principles anna and baby speaking

9. You are self-employed (even if you aren’t)

When you put yourself as the CEO of your own career, you don’t count on anyone else but yourself to get ahead. This is crucial. You can’t count on your manager to create your personal development plan. You can’t count on HR to make sure you get the salary you deserve, or to make sure that you are continuously learning and growing in your field.
To earn more, you must learn more.  You are in charge of your career success and career growth.  You can’t rely on anyone else to manage your career for you.
I realized this very quickly in my corporate career when my managers expected me to schedule development meetings with them and expected me to ask for raises and go to bat for my own growth in the company. I was in charge of my own career then, and that probably helped me realize that becoming an entrepreneur was the right path for me.  Now my income and “raises” have no limit. Yay!

10. Don’t focus on hating your current job, be grateful for it.

I know it’s hard, but that job you hate does serve a purpose. It provides money to pay your bills, it keeps a roof over your head, it gives you the ability to earn a living while learning so you can build your own business or look for your ideal career. If you are unemployed, try to be grateful for the extra time you can focus on finding that perfect job.
If you are grateful for the job you have, even if it is not your dream job, things will begin to change. You will enjoy your job more, and you will notice more opportunities than before.
This is what happened to me when I was terribly stuck in a job, but I was still thankful for that paycheck. An opportunity to become an Adjunct Professor at my company opened up. I got to teach a course about how to navigate your career which I LOVED.  I still had to keep my day job, but I was SO THANKFUL for a few hours in my day when I got to do something I was really excited about. And what happened? More teaching and training opportunities continued to come to me effortlessly.

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