Why Pinterest Needs To Be Your #1 Business Growth Strategy
I used to write consistent content on my blog. I knew it was great content that needed to be read by a lot more people. It was such a bummer to write so much and spend so much time blogging but then not have many people read my content. I was also getting 10-20 email optins each day but I really wanted to grow my email list so that I could grow my business.
Everything changed a year ago when I decided to focus all of my attention on Pinterest. I basically became a student of the platform. I spent hours each day working and studying Pinterest and really understanding what works and what doesn’t. The time I put in during 2016 really paid off because we have seen so much business growth this year.  It’s really pretty exciting.
What are the results we’ve seen this year? Yesterday we received 422 email optins in one day!! YES! And in one year we went from 100,000 page views per month to 500,000 page views per month. Our traffic from Pinterest went from 100 sessions per day to 3,200 sessions per day. These results are incredible, right!
There’s nothing that I did over this past year that you can’t do too!

Why Pinterest Needs To Be Your #1 Business Growth Strategy

There’s a lot I have learned and today I am going to share with you the four foundational mindsets that have helped us grow this year. Make sure you are following us on Pinterest so you can watch what we do and follow the same principles for your success.
Pinterest is our #1 business growth strategy and we highly recommend it for your business too. These numbers don’t lie:
More than 70% of people use Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy (compared to just 17% on Facebook). Source: Bizrate
The Wall Street Journal reports that Pinterest users are nearly twice as likely to purchase than Facebook Users. (Source: SteelHouse Survey)

How To Make Pinterest Your #1 Business Growth Strategy

1. Delete Pins

This might seem crazy so stick with me. Pinterest is just like Facebook. The more people like and comment on your posts on Facebook, the more Facebook will increase your engagement and allow more people to see it. If people like it, they will show it around more.  Same with Pinterest. The more re-pins you get, the more Pinterest will share your content.
This means you have to focus on only pinning great content and deleting content that isn’t getting re-pinned. You want Pinterest to realize that you only post great content that should be shown to a lot of people. Go through your pins right now and delete pins that have 0-1 pins.
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2. Get Social Proof

People re-pin was had already been re-pinned. Every new piece of content you place on Pinterest is facing an uphill battle. You have to get more repins on your pins as soon as possible. That means you need to focus on your new pins and repin them yourself to your boards as well as other group boards.

3. Stay Consistent

This is not overnight. I focused on Pinterest every single day for a year and am just now seeing the results. Sorry to break it to you if you wanted a quick win because that’s just not the case.

4. Know Your Goals

If you have decided to focus on Pinterest to grow your business, you have to get your goals straight. Your goal is not to sell on Pinterest!! You have to focus instead on gaining traffic to your website so that you can start a relationship with your clients and develop their trust in you and your business.
Then, we can offer them a lead magnet in exchange for an email address. There are so many companies with bad pins that are trying to immediately sell on Pinterest without creating a relationship with their customer first. This is crucial to get this mindset piece right and know what your goals are. The sale doesn’t happen the first time they meet you. It could take days, weeks or even months to make the sale. Know this and don’t worry. Be patient.

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