How to Use Facebook to Find a Job (PODCAST)
Are you guilty of being on Facebook all day? Did you know that it can actually help you find a new career? If you are job searching, I want to let you in on a little secret. There’s a huge opportunity to use social media to find a job right now. I highly encourage you to try it out. In our membership site, LYCF, we have trainings on using every type of platform to find a job. But today, we are just going to focus on ONE. It’s one of my favorites. Facebook.

How to Use Facebook to Find a Job

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We are used to using LinkedIn as a tool in finding job but Facebook is also a great Job search tool. Technically, Facebook users are five times the size of LinkedIn members. And for that reason alone, job searchers should tap Facebook’s professional networking power.

1. Complete your profile with your professional history

Click on “edit profile” and on top of the screen lists “Work and Education”. List down your job history and include descriptions of your job and accomplishments. Take time in filling this information for those 65% of recruiters who are trolling for job candidates on Facebook.

2. Categorize your Facebook friends into lists

I know this can be a lot of work if you have hundreds of friends but it will be worth it. Go to your list of friends and hover your cursor over the “Friends” rectangle next your friends name. You will then see a list of lists including an option to create a new list. Create one and you can name it whatever you want but I recommend naming it “Professional” or “Work”. Find all of your friends who you think should be in your professional contacts and add them on the list. Through this, you can target your work -related status updates.

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