The Golden Rules of Showing Class at Work
As you enter the professional world, you will encounter people who are dishonest and purposely make others feel bad.  You will find people who sweet talk their way to the top and gossip about others to get ahead.  All of these things may be great for short-term results. But in the long run, other people will find out that they can not be trusted in the workplace.
For two years I worked for a woman who talked about me behind my back to my boss and tried to get me fired. After a few years of trying to patiently deal with her insecurity and jealousy, I couldn’t take it any longer and requested to transfer to a different team. Looking back, this is one of the many experiences that shaped me into who I am today. Often the hardest times in your life are when you learn the most about yourself and the type of professional you want to be. It’s up to you how you want to handle these types of situation.
Do you want to stand out and be different or become one of them? I could have easily gone right back behind her back and tried to get her fired as well. But instead, I kept a positive attitude and didn’t let her bring me down. Others watched the way that I handled the situation and the challenges I was faced with each day that I went to work. Because I handled the situation with class, I ended up getting promoted while everyone else began to see her “real” personality.
Showing class at work is not only important when interacting with your co-workers and management, it is also important in how you walk through the door every morning. Are you professional? Are you positive? Are you ready to give it your all?

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The Golden Rules of Showing Class at Work

  • Show elegance and style in the way you dress (instead of rolling out of bed and rushing to work with bed head).
  • Don’t just do things the easy way or copy someone else’s work. Instead, set very high standards of integrity for yourself and don’t ever budge.
  • Work hard to learn new skills and become highly desirable.  Don’t wait for your performance review for your boss to review your skills and accomplishments.  Do it yourself.  The most successful people in life are those who continue learning and never allow themselves to believe they have reached their full potential. No matter where you are, there is always more to learn.
  • Always treat others with respect and never blame.
  • Take responsibility for your errors.
  • Don’t treat other women like enemies.  Instead, encourage and support each other.
  • Stay away from negative people and gossipers.  Once people realize that you won’t join in, they will leave you alone.  There will always be someone at the office that likes to get caught up in work drama.  Hanging around these types of people will only damage your career.
  • Be vigilant about where and when you are socializing and who else can hear you in the office. Don’t bug others who don’t want to hear about your amazing date last night. And please don’t get a reputation in the office for being the social butterfly that never gets any work done.
  • Don’t be afraid to take that front row seat during an important meeting. Just make sure you show confidence and skill in what you do and say because all eyes are on you!
  • Stick up for yourself when you are treated wrong and don’t be afraid to confront the issue!  When discussing an issue you have, focus on the problem instead of the feeling.  Control your temper.  Listen don’t talk.  Be assertive.
  • Always be genuine, authentic and yourself.  Never pretend to be someone you aren’t.
The most important thing along your career journey is to remember to be a good person. Don’t burn bridges and when people need help, help them out. While your career or personal life might be thriving today, you never know what tomorrow may bring. Treat everyone around you with respect and kindness. If you show class at work, doors will be opened for you that you otherwise would have been unaware of.

How do you show class at work?

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