The Book Launch is Coming Next Week & Anna’s Schedule of Events!

It’s finally February and that means all the work that I have been doing behind the scenes can now be shared!  I am really excited because starting next Monday you get to finally see what I have been working so hard on.

Last Friday night, I attended a local author’s conference here in San Diego.  I was surrounded by almost 400 local authors and I had a moment after looking around and seeing I was one of the youngest people in the audience when I realized, “Wow, writing a book is a big accomplishment!” Often, when we are so busy marketing and promoting ourselves and our book, we forget the big picture. I wrote a book. Wow! (Not trying to brag just practicing the art of promoting yourself that I wrote about in the book!)

Here’s some photos from the San Diego local author’s event:


Last week, I also hosted an Elevate Your Career event for San Diego female leaders.  It was the first chance I got to sign my book which was also exciting and a bit surreal. Thanks to all that attended and I got to meet in person! Here’s the photo of me signing books and speaking at my Elevate Your Career event last week:

So make sure you keep a close eye on my blog starting on Monday to learn how you can get a copy of my book plus over $250 of bonus resources that will go along with my book!

Also, mark your calendar for some fun live events this month.  See below for my busy and exciting schedule! Some of these are virtual and some are in person. Hope to see you there!

Anna’s Schedule of  Events for Book Launch Month:

February 10th: Live webinar with myself and Amanda Abella. We are going to share with you a hot topic, “How to Manage Men and Your Money.”  Two things every woman must learn!!  Click here to register.

February 12th: I will be speaking at the North County Women in Networking in San Diego. Click here to register.

February 14th: I will be speaking at the National Association of Women Business Owners in San Diego. Click here to register.

February 19th: I will be interviewing Dr. Lois P. Frankel, the author of Nice Girl’s Still Don’t Get The Corner Office.  Click here to register.

February 19th: I will be speaking at the San Diego Women in Finance event.  Click here to register.

February 22nd: Book launch party celebration with friends and family benefiting the Jenna Druck Center in Coronado, CA.  The Jenna Druck Center Spirit of Leadership program strives to ignite, educate and inspire a diverse group of teen girls to become leaders in their own lives and their communities. Click here to register. 

February 27th: Elevate Your Career Cocktail Party and Book Launch in Mission Valley, San Diego also benefiting the Jenna Druck Center. Click here to register.

I hope you will get to join us at any or all of these events coming up soon! And remember to make sure you come back to the blog on Monday for the big book launch announcement!!

Thanks all for your support!


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