3 Ways to Spice Up Your Work Fashion
It can be mentally exhausting to have to figure out what to wear to work every single day.  What should you wear? What clothes are clean? When was the last time I wore that and will anyone know I wore the same pants yesterday? Been there? Us too.
Sometimes you just run out of ideas and have to wear whatever your hand reaches first in your wardrobe. But here’s the important part, the more confident you are in your outfit, the more confident you will be at work. And that is why it is so important to spice up your work fashion choices and to really be confident in that outfit you pick out each morning.
To help you out, here are some tips to spice up your work fashion to look and feel your best.

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Work Fashion

1. Dress according to what the colors mean.

One of my favorite ideas is to dress according to color and how you feel for that day. For instance, black and white outfits mean you are somebody important or you’re in a business that is no joke. You see CEOs and people in high-ranking positions wear these colors almost all the time. On the other hand, red is sexy, but the color also means confidence or boldness at work too. Take a look at the colors of your wardrobe and assess what you are trying to “say” in the colors that you wear.  If you have too much of one color, maybe it’s time to brand out!

2. Dress according to the weather condition.

Of course you want to be fashionable whether it is raining, it is snowing, or even when it is very hot. When you’re running out of ideas on what to wear to work, first look out your window and check the weather. Is it gloomy? Is it bright and sunny? What’s the weather forecast?  This may seem really obvious but if you use it consistently, it will help you decrease the amount of choices of what to wear and you’ll actually be ready faster with less choices.

3. Dress according to the impression you want to make.

What you wear affects how you feel and the impression you want to make at work. How do you want to feel the entire day at work? Do you want to be an inspiration to someone else? What does inspiration look like to you? Do you want to be heard? What does LOUD look like to you? Put that into what you wear and you’re off to a great day!

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