Member Spotlight: Nella Castro From Nella Castro Consulting

I hosted a FB live with a group of incredible women who all launched their dream careers and businesses in a wide variety of different markets. You can watch the LIVE recording in our FB page.

In this training series, you’ll hear from my current CLASS Members and they will share how they launched their dream career or business with LITTLE time and LITTLE MONEY and how you can do it too!

Today’s real-life story of our CLASS members is from Nella Castro of Nella Castro Consulting. Let’s tune in!

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Nella Castro From Nella Castro Consulting

Share the Mic with Nella Castro

Nella Castro is a Career Transition and Business coach who helps women leverage their skills to start and build an online service-based business they love.

From creating her LLC to getting practice clients and now launching her website in just 90 days, she’s on fire! Way to ask questions, show up and take action, Nella! Watch out 2020!


  • Passed Corporate Rescue Plan Phase 4 in the CLASS Membership Site
  • Awarded 2019 CRP Influencer of the Year
  • Opened her business bank account.
  • Started receiving prospect calls.

You’re probably thinking that you could never be like Nella. Well actually, my students are just like you! They were once right where you were. And with one little step, they were able to get to where they are now. JUST LIKE YOU CAN TOO.

We’ll guide you to the career or business that you were meant for with our all new CLASS experience and community.

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