How to Get Over Your Fear of Selling
Most people don’t like selling, it has a negative connotation. A common question we get here at CCG is how to get over the fear of selling. We need to shift the way we look a it, it isn’t about getting someone to buy something against his or her will.
When you are selling, you are helping people move past their fears and make a decision so that they can get the support they need to reach their goals. You are helping your prospects take action to reach their goals. Remember that you are just listening to them and cheering them on! It gets easier the more you do it. Just keep practicing!

How to Get Over Your Fear of Selling: Avoid These Mistakes

Mistake #1: Not making an offer

Remember, it’s a disservice NOT to make an offer. If you have the answer that can help someone, why would you not share that information?

Mistake #2: Pressuring

No one likes the “hard sell”. We’ve all experienced it, when you feel like you’ll buy anything just to get away from the person selling. Remember, it’s about creating a healthy tension instead. Shift from selling to serving. Avoid pressuring.

Mistake #3: Being attached with the end result.

Your main goal is to help them make a decision, yes or no.

Try Seeding Instead of Selling

If you are afraid to sell, seeding is perfect for you because you partner with your prospect. If you seed from the beginning, you don’t have to switch into “sales mode” at the end. It is a seamless transition. It’s not a shock when they hear about what you are selling in the end because you have been seeding it the entire way.
The most important thing is to come from a place of partnership and service instead hard selling. This will relax your audience because they won’t be waiting for the big sell at the end of your talk or conversation.
KEY: You have to truly believe that what you are offering is a service and will help them. Teach and provide great value. Then, just share how they can get more. It’s not a “plug” you are helping them.

Teach and provide great value

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