3 Ways To Prioritize Self-Care In a Busy World
When our careers demand too much of our time and energy, it becomes so easy to set aside our own needs in pursuit of accomplishing our daily tasks. Of course, who wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice themselves if they could be successful and accomplished? But when our bodies are telling us to take a break, we go against it and continue to push ourselves further. Even though we all know our negligence is the exact formula for a burnout, many of us still do it anyway.
So why has it become a challenge to prioritize self-care over our work? Some of us point our fingers at the amount of pressure we go through every day, while others are simply bound by financial responsibilities.
History teaches us that women are said to be natural nurturers. They are responsible for taking care of their families, their home, and their community as a whole. And this instinct may be one of the reasons why we often cannot refuse a request. The sad part of it all is that while we are doing this, we often forget that one important person we all need to take care of first: ourselves.
Here are 3 ways to prioritize self-care in a busy world.

3 Ways To Prioritize Self-Care In a Busy World

1. Focus On The Present

Many people consider work-life balance to be a myth; an idealistic way of living. After all, life doesn’t have a remote control where we can switch channels between work and personal relationships. But here’s one thing we can do: focus on the present. How often do we find ourselves thinking about work while we are out having dinner with family? We should be enjoying the food and the company of our family and friends, but our minds are wandering somewhere in the office.
Not being in the moment secretly robs us of our time and we don’t even realize it until we ask the people around us. It is impossible to completely disconnect from one area of our lives during a specific period of time. But by giving attention to what is present at the moment, we are actually allowing our minds to rest on one single task at a moment.
This is not only beneficial for you but also for the people around you. They will begin to appreciate the time you’ve given them and your presence. And there is no better gift for yourself than the love of your family and friends.

2. Ask For Help When You Need It

Acknowledging your own weaknesses is a very humbling act. Some women find that asking for help from others is equal to being vulnerable in a very competitive industry. They then insist on doing the job alone and end up stressed about the amount of work involved.
We must not forget that our careers are built on community and not a one-woman show. Instead of stretching ourselves too thin, we can then focus on the things that we can accomplish. Every task that we receive is a responsibility and not a personal experiment. It’s best to admit what we cannot do rather than setting the bar up too high that we can’t even reach.
You have better chances of accomplishing a big project when you delegate someone whom you know is the best fit for the task. Giving others a chance to shine in what they’re good at is a good place to hone our leadership skills as well.
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3. Know Your Self-Worth

Although we hate to admit it, there are definitely some women who are guilty of their martyrdom. They prioritize the happiness and comfort of others over their own – even if they know that it is beyond their capacity. There are people who take advantage of our generosity simply because we give it to them freely. Give yourself a little bit of respect by setting some boundaries.
Construct your own set of beliefs and reassess your self-worth. After all, we are the only ones who can show others how to respect us. If we give our time and service to others freely or even at a very cheap price, we are not giving ourselves the value that we truly deserve – and neither will others. In the work environment, there are many people above us who will try to push us down but if we step up a little, they will soon realize that they are dealing with someone who deserves their respect.

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