The 6 Best Ways to Prepare for Your Interview
There’s an old saying that “luck favors the prepared.” This could not ring truer when it comes to preparing for an interview. I’ve interviewed for multiple jobs throughout my career, and I’ve also been the interviewer at Fortune 500 companies. Through both sides of the interview experience, I’ve seen interviews that go extremely well – but also interviews that I’d rather forget.
Based on my experience, I’ve compiled the best ways to prepare for your next interview that will leave you confident, focused, and ready to land that job.

The 6 Best Ways to Prepare for Your Interview

1. Practice Your “About Me” Overview

The question, “So, tell me about yourself” is inevitable. The first few times an interviewer asked me this question, I always failed to have a good response. When putting together your answer to this question, think about your top 3 professional strengths and form your overview around those. Also include highlights from your previous positions, why you’re interested in a new opportunity, and the skills you can provide an employer. Lastly, make sure your response is less than 1 minute.
Here’s a short example: “I’m a highly productive, results-driven visual communicator with a passion for people analytics. I love working on teams and collaborating to get the best out of everyone involved. I’m currently a marketing specialist at {company name} and while I’ve had opportunities to lead impactful marketing campaigns and work alongside executive leadership, I’m looking for a role that will challenge and help me grow in press release writing and PR.”

2. Bring Questions for the Interviewer

Asking questions during an interview shows your interest in learning more about the company, and you want as much information as possible before making a decision to accept an offer, all of which are traits of a strong leader and welcomed by employers. If you have concerns about the role or want more clarification, this is the perfect time to ask about them. For example, ask the interviewer where they see the company progressing in 5 years and how your role can play a part in the company’s progress.

3. Have an Answer for Why You’re the Best Candidate for the Job

This is the question in the back of every interviewer’s mind, and the reason they are fielding interviews to begin with. They want to hire the best possible candidate. Be ready with reasons why you’re the best candidate and highlight those whenever possible throughout the interview. Take at least 3 days before the interview and write a list of the reasons the company should hire you. Nothing on this list is too crazy – get creative and see how long of a list you can create. From there, pick the top 3-5 and think of ways to bring them up during your interview.
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4. Prep Your Outfit Options 2-3 Days in Advance

Wear something that is professional and makes you feel your best. Check for any tears, stains, or scratches and take care of them in advance for your interview. Pick out a backup option just in case you get coffee, breakfast, or makeup on your outfit the day of. The last thing you want to do before your interview is run to the closest department store to buy heels or dressy flats. Packing the shoes you want to wear in advance will save you the trip and the embarrassment of rocking your gym shoes in an interview. We’re all about making sure you’re focusing on your “About Me” overview and interview questions, not your outfit.

5. Tailor Your Interview Answers to the Company You’re Interviewing With

If the company’s website lists a recent win, include a strength or skill set that aligns to that win. Not only will it show that you did your homework, but that you’re thinking long-term in terms of how you’ll contribute to the company.

6. Draft Your Thank You Email Before You Head to Your Interview

This is one of the most important things you can do. You know that you’ll need to send your thank you email. Why not have it prepped and ready with a few spaces to fill in after the interview? This helps you have one less thing to worry about. Moreover, you want to be able to send that email within an hour of the interview. It will further emphasize your ambition and interest in the position.

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