How to Overcome Stereotypes in the Workplace
Women have made huge strides in tackling issues of inequality in the workplace over the last decade. Even with these improvements, the statistics about gender stereotypes in 2017 still make for grim reading.
Whether it’s in boardrooms or on construction sites, women are hugely underrepresented. Nowhere is this trend more noticeable than the United Nations, where only 10% of the 193 member states currently have a female leader.
The main root of the problem continues to lie in outdated stereotypes. Unconscious biases, which we learn from a young age, continue to shape our behavior and choices in ways that we don’t even realize.
Unless women and men unite to tackle the problem, generation after generation of girls will remain trapped in the same cycle.
We don’t want that to happen. A fair society benefits everyone – both socially and financially.
To help make sure you know how to overcome stereotypes in the workplace, we’ve come up with a list of six actions to take, below:

How to Overcome Stereotypes in the Workplace

1. Call out Bias Straight Away

If you come across stereotyping in your work environment, make sure that it’s addressed immediately. Letting stereotyping go unchallenged only adds to the continual merry-go-round of unconscious bias.
You may get some initial blowback, but if you explain your opinion fairly, attitudes should gradually start to change.

2. Keep Discussions One-On-One

In most cases, offensive stereotypes aren’t used intentionally and the offender may not realize what they are doing. It’s best to ask to speak to them in a private setting. This way, they’re more likely to take what you say into account. If this doesn’t work or you feel uncomfortable, there are definitely times when you may need to talk to HR to help you have this conversation.

3. Excel By Using Your Strengths

Being an exemplary employee will get you noticed, regardless of your gender. Set yourself ambitious work targets each month and make sure you achieve them. Identify your female leadership strengths and be proud of them! 
Men often have different strengths than women and that is why diverse teams of men and women work well together. Review the strengths below and think about what strong points you already have.
Remember, the goal is to be PROUD of the strengths you bring as a woman instead of trying to be like a man.

4. Practice Being Assertive

Assertiveness is an easy way to gain respect from the men on your team and it can help men become more confident in you. Men respect a woman who speaks her mind and challenges others. Men want to hear your voice, because you have different strengths than them and bring a different viewpoint to the team.
Luckily, the founder of this career site, Anna Runyan, has written an entire article for you on how to be an assertive woman at work.  This is a must-read if you are feeling like it’s hard to stand up for yourself.
You’ve made it so far in your career by being true to yourself. Follow your instincts and let your talent shine.

5. Band Together

There’s always strength in numbers. It’s our responsibility as women to work together to ensure we’re judged by the same parameters as our male counterparts.
By having a support network in place, more women will feel confident enough to stand up against injustices by making their voices heard.

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