Negotiation Tips For The Workplace ~ Part 2
During Negotiation Tips For The Workplace ~ Part 1, I told you about how I learned the benefits of negotiating in person or over the phone rather than through email at work.  Today I am going to share with you some more tips I learned in class so that you can become the best negotiator that you can be.

Negotiation Tips For The Workplace

Did you know that the most important part of a negotiation is to develop trust and a rapport with the other person?  Many times we walk into a negotiation and think only about what we want out of it but what if you take the time to find out what the other person’s goals and objectives are also?  I think what makes some people great negotiators is being prepared by researching what the other person will be expecting and desiring out of the negotiation.

negotiation tips

Here is how you can achieve your objective in your next negotiation:

  1. Know your hot buttons
    Know what makes you mad and when you need to take a deep breath or a break from the negotiation table.  Take a time out to reflect or think about something that makes you feel better.  Recognize what the other person is doing, suspend your emotions, control your behavior and continue to focus on your desired outcome and then respond appropriately
  2. Don’t talk money in the beginning
    Take some time to develop a relationship with the other person and learn what their goals and objectives are before you start getting into the money discussion.  By knowing what the other person’s goals are, you might find other offers or details that you can bring into the negotiation.  Reveal a little information and then wait for them to reveal a little more information.
  3. Decrease your self-focus
     Increase the other person’s trust in you by decreasing your self focus nd be genuinely interested in helping them. The more information you give out, the more trust that you will be able to build.  See the deal the way they see it.
  4. Frames of reference are important
    Start a conversation in the area of things you have in common and where you overlap.
  5. Know your BATNA
    Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement. Don’t look desperate! Even if you don’t have a BATNA, have confidence that you do have one. Think of another alternative that you can take instead to be stronger at the negotiation table.
    Know your setting, the players, the cultural environment, the other person’s motivation, objective and goal and your reservation price – your lowest amount you can spend. Practice what-if scenarios and try role playing with another person for extra practice.
  7. Understand
    Don’t be afraid to say, “Help me understand.”  Ask questions to reveal their inconsistencies and errors that my not match your information.  Don’t feel pressure to close the deal.  Summarize and ask clarifying questions
  8. Use silence
    Remember the importance of pausing and using silence.  If you have bad news, say it and let the other person come up with a solution.
  9. Mirror
    Mirror the other person. Mimic their breathing and body language because the body trumps words if you have an inconsistent message.  What is the other person’s personality type? Are they an introvert or extrovert? Do your best to match the energy of the other person and the other person’s Myers Briggs Personality type.
  10. Lighten the mood
    There is no need to make the atmosphere intense.  Use humor and lighten the mood!

Do you enjoy negotiating?  What are your tips?

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