10 Mantras to Shift Your Mindset
Success is all about mindset. It is time to get rid of the negative thoughts and experiences that don’t push us forward and instead move forward on to bigger and better things. It’s time to be more present, more focused, more disciplined and, most importantly, happier and more fulfilled.
One of my favorite things to help me stay positive is mantras.

Here are 10 powerful mantras to help you shift your mindset:

1. Find a Way

It’s all about finding a way every single day to do a little bit of what you love. Grow your strengths and talents. Even if it’s just 15 minutes per day. Learn a little every single day. Don’t worry about a paycheck. Volunteer. Intern. Take on free clients. Whatever you need to do. Don’t wait for the job or client to find you. Work on it every single day. Consistency is key. One of my favorite mantras is also “baby steps!”

find a way mantras

2. Make it Happen

Let go of what doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about the details. Done is better than perfect. Stay focused on your big-picture goal.

make it happen mantras

3. Don’t Play Small

Go big. What’s the worst that can happen if you go after your big, scary goal? It is worth it. Enjoy the ride. Take risks. Make mistakes. Don’t play small.
don't play small mantras

4. No Fear Here

There’s no fear here. Fear thrives in the absence of hope. There’s always hope. Have the courage to live your dream.

no fear mantras

5. It’s Never Too Late

Why not start today? This year, live a life of no regrets. Make incredible things happen today. Create your future.

never too late mantras

6. You Are Worth It

At CCG, we believe that every woman has a right to pursue her dreams. We believe that every woman is worth it. Our community may range from young professionals to second career changers, from fast climbing corporate gals to empire-building entrepreneurs.
We all carry the same life-long desire to find the career we were born to do, to be happy and to live a life of meaning. We hope to be a place where each woman can thrive and make a difference.

you are worth it mantras

7. Work It Girl

You will do amazing things in your work and life. Share this post with a friend who is working it too! Remember the value of community, accountability, and support. Go cheer on someone else today!

work it girl mantras

8. Do More of What Excites You

Focus on doing more of what you are extremely excited to do. Sunday night is a great time to plan this out in your calendar before the work week even starts. Here’s a recipe I use to tackle my dreams and goals on Sunday nights:
1. Write down three dreams you have for the next six months.
2. Write down three steps you can take right now. Then, do it. This should take you five minutes per step, max. It’s usually as simple as reading an article or sending an email.
3. Write down three steps you can take tomorrow and do them tomorrow. The key is to make the steps simple and small each day but to stay consistent.


what excites you mantras

9. Simply Begin

What happens tomorrow is a reflection of how you think and what you do tonight. Make it great.
Here are some ideas:
1) Journal about your dreams
2) Meditate or visualize a successful week
3) Read a motivational book
4) Write down goals for the week. (Check this out if you need a step-by-step planner).
5) Read a motivational blog.

simply begin mantras

10. Decide to Go For It

The path to your dream life is really simple to start. It just starts with a decision to try. The rest is history.

decide to go for it mantras
10 Mantras to Shift Your Mindset list

What mantras help you shift your mindset?


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