A Practical Guide to Interview Preparation
Congrats! You got an interview. Now what? Don’t stress.
An interview is simply a tool used by employers to assess a candidate’s ability to perform a role and the most important part of the hiring process. This will normally be the first time for you and the employer to meet one another, exchange information and assess if you have the qualities and experience that they are looking for. The interview will determine whether or not they like you as a person and if you are likely to fit into the team environment.
The key to successful interview preparation is practicing interview questions. We recommend that you practice writing out your answers first and then practice them with a friend.

Interview Preparation Guide: Here are the top 10 interview questions and exactly how to answer them:

Note: These are examples for your interview preparation. You don’t need to copy them word for word and some of them might not fit your situation and the job you are applying for.  Make sure you make them personalized to you.

1) Tell me about yourself.

Summarize your work related qualifications and prepare a 1-minute personal commercial with an overview of work you have done. Feel free to add your academic degree and skills related to the job requirements.  Also, add something that makes you unique. For instance, add that you are training for a half-marathon or love to travel.  This makes them get to know you a little better and see what it would be like to spend 40+ hours per week with you.

2) What are your salary requirements?

Answer with, “I don’t know enough about the job yet to respond. I’m sure you pay a competitive salary and I’m flexible. What is the range you’ve budgeted for this position?”

3) What are your greatest strengths?

Provide concrete tangible job skills and actual stories and examples of how you have used those skills in previous jobs.  Remember, results and accomplishments. It’s ok to brag now! Don’t be humble!

4) What are your weaknesses?

Give a trait that may have been a challenge in the past but you have worked on to overcome. Make sure you end on a positive note and that you are a go-getter ready to tackle any weaknesses or challenges in your way.

5) What are your career goals?

Say, “I’d like to become increasingly valuable to your firm by consistently exceeding the performance standards and continually learning new skills.”

6) What did you like most about your last position?

Tie the answer into the needs of the company you are interviewing for (because you have done your research, right?) and show your initiative and desire to be outstanding in your past and future roles.

7) What did you like least about your last position?

Say, “Though I liked most of the aspects of the job and company, the one limitation was lack of growth opportunities and new challenges.”

8) How quickly do you think you will be ready to contribute to our firm?

Say, “I believe I can contribute almost immediately. In past positions, I had to learn a lot in a short time and did quite well. For example…..” Remember, stories and past experiences are where you can really show how awesome you are!

9) Why did you leave your last position?

Say, “The Company reorganized and my position along with a number of others was eliminated.” OR “I had achieved as much as I could within that company and felt the need to seek another job to continue to grow.”

10) Why should we hire you?

As you work on your interview preparation, remember to strut your stuff! Summarize the answers you’ve given to their questions as they relate to the job requirements in a concise 1-2 minute response.

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