10 Tips on Using Instagram for Business
You have only 3 seconds to capture someone’s attention on Instagram. That’s it! So how do you use Instagram for business?

Here are 10 steps to start using Instagram for business.

Step 1: Profile Photo

Set-up your profile photo. Add a personal photo so people can connect with you and see your beautiful face.

Step 2: Profile Description

Complete your profile description. Include details about who you are professionally and personally. Create a call to action and link it to your optin page for your lead magnet.

Step 3: Theme

Research and identify your theme. How do you want to serve your audience? Do you want to provide education, inspiration or behind the scenes of your life. Get ideas of how you can position yourself by studying what other leaders are doing in your field. Type in Google “top Instagram accounts for (your topic)” and follow them to get inspiration.

Step 4: Content Strategy

Plan your content strategy. What is your business about? Write down everything that comes to you on a piece of paper and circle the common themes that come up. Try to identify three content categories that you create content for.

Step 5: Content

Create your content. Remember that the higher quality of images on Instagram the better. Treat it like a magazine. Add your branding and logo to each image and try to use the same colors and backgrounds. Put together your schedule of when and how often you will post. Remember, you can also “#regram” other people’s posts as long as you credit the original source. Use the iPhone app, Wordswag, or the online site, Canva.com, to create quote images and add text to your own images.

Step 6: Engagement

Get likes and comments. Make your posts positive and engaging. Asking for likes or comments is a great strategy. Find others you would like to have in your community by searching hashtags. Like 3 of their photos and add 1 comment on one of their photos. Do this 6 times per day and watch your followers and engagement grow!

Step 7: Hashtags

Use hashtags. Hashtags turn your post into a clickable searchable link. There is a positive correlation between hashtags and the number of likes and comments you will get. Watch what hashtags other industry leaders are using. Google top hashtags for “your industry.” What hashtags are your ideal client’s using? Save 10-15 hashtags in Evernote and paste them in every time you post. Add hashtags immediately after you post so that you are placed on top!

Step 8: Schedule

Schedule and optimize. Schedule your posts ahead of time on the iPhone app, Later. You will get a reminder each time your post should be published. You will have to do this manually but it is very quick! Use the online site, Iconosquare, to analyze your results and statistics.

Step 9: Call to Action

Create a call to action on your posts. Promote your webinars or your lead magnet often. You can’t link on Instragram but you can add “Make sure you join me free training call about this topic. Link in my bio.” Or once every week post a photo that relates to your free lead magnet or feature case studies of your client’s successes.

Step 10: Videos

Post LOTS of 15-second videos on Instagram. Video gets a ton of attention on Instagram and it’s a great way for people to get to know you. It’s also fast, but you don’t have to make content up. You can either take videos you already have created and upload the 15 seconds that you love. Or you can create videos with pictures using Flipagram. You can even add video and photos together on the app, Instavid, or record your own voice to make a video with Video Sound.
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