How To Follow Up AFTER You Submit Your Resume

Dear Classy Career Girl,

I have been helping my friend with the job search and updating her resume. I suggested in her cover letter that she say she would follow up with them in a week and now she’s wondering what you actually say in that phone call or email. I wouldn’t say I just wing calls like that, but I more or less let them know who I am and remind them I submitted a resume and for what position. We are trying to give her a list of “what to say” after that, if she needs it. Any suggestions? 


Follow Up Friend

What to Say When You Follow Up After Your Submit Your Resume


Dear Follow Up Friend,
That is so nice of you to help your friend! Yes, I think that is a great idea to say that you will follow up in your cover letter. You definitely don’t want them to forget about you!  But you also want to make sure that you aren’t annoying either. So I wouldn’t stalk them but a gentle reminder that you are still interested with what you can bring to the table is definitely a great idea!

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So I think you can follow up with a phone call or an email. Either way you want to have ready the following list of things:
  1. Why you would be perfect for this position showing that you can meet (as much as possible) the qualifications in the job description
  2. Knowledge of the company – you want to show that you have researched the company and how you can directly benefit the company
  3. Knowledge of the person that you are following up with – You MUST know their name and title and have done some research about them on LinkedIn or the Internet
When you call, you don’t want to list a bunch of boring things about yourself that they can easily read in your resume. You want to have a quick and awesome elevator pitch that makes you stand out and stay memorable. I would suggest that your friend brainstorm three different reasons why they should hire you and why you are better than any other applicant that is applying for this position. Other things she could do if the company is located in the same place as you are is walk into the company, introduce yourself and see if you can talk to someone face to face.
That way they see how professional and put together you are in person which will mak you much more memorable. You also have to be ready for all the other standard interview questions that you could potentially get though if you call or go in person. Definitely practice some answers and basically be ready for a phone interview just in case.  An email might be a little less intimidating but it won’t get you as good of results. Calling shows that you are determined and very serious about the position.  Calling also helps you build confidence and practice presenting yourself and how awesome you are so a great thing to practice anyway!
For some other great ideas, check out this interview I did with Kat who got an internship by walking into the company and talking to them about why she wanted the position. She knew she really wanted the job and she wanted to stand out from the other applicants who also submitted resumes.  Guess what? She got the job!
Good luck to your friend!!
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