How To (Simply) Decorate Your Office For Holidays

In honor of St Patrick’s Day, here is a post about how to decorate your office for the holidays written by Kristen. Kristen works as a freelance writer for Backyard Ocean, an online store for above ground swimming pools. A work-at-home mom, the “office” is one of her most favorite spots in the house.

As the place where you spend about half of your day (and sometimes night), a home office should exude a comfortable and fresh feeling. Jazzing up your workspace can make your day more cheerful and less stressful, even if you stay glued to the computer or hunched over notes for hours on end.
A great way to bring life to your office is by redecorating it every so often, keeping in tandem with the holidays. As long as you avoid decorations that create too much clutter and choose specific spots to redecorate, your work hours can change with the spirit of the season and still be relaxing.

Here are some tips on how to decorate your office for the holidays using minimal decor:

Go Green on St. Patrick’s

Let your home office go green to welcome St. Patrick’s Day. Shamrock clovers are the symbol of this holiday, and potting them is a wonderful way to start. Take two to three pots of a shamrock plant, cover them with light orange felt paper (or tie a shimmery orange ribbon around them), then line them up on a windowsill or on top of a shelf. Make your wall brighter by putting up a string of green lights.
Place two small gold containers wrapped in multi-colored ribbons on both ends of a table to resemble pots at the ends of rainbows. You can use the pots for keeping paper clips and other office supplies or even place goodies like candy or biscuits in them.

Vibrant Easter

When Easter season rolls in, it’s time to add more color to your office! An Easter wreath on the door or window instantly perks up a room. No need to remove those green lights since green also signifies new life.
Just replace the gold pots on your table with a pretty ceramic bunny and basket containers tied with satin bows; replace the candy with chocolate Easter eggs. On the window sill and shelves, place indoor plants like violets or plants with yellow flowers.

Reds and Blues in July

Flaunt your patriotism on Independence Day with red, white, and blue. Time to change the lights on the wall to red or blue! On the window sill or shelves, place glass vases adorned with mini-flags, and twin red and blue balloons. A table cloth in the American Flag’s colors can act as a centerpiece. For more effect, bring out a historical book or two and place them on your desk for something to browse during breaks.

Autumn Halloween

Halloween also ushers in autumn, so put away the reds and blues and replace with autumn colors like orange. A small pumpkin lantern, mini-candles, and a tablecloth patterned with leaves are perfect for your desk. Shift to a gold string of lights and replace the red and blue contents of the vases with twigs and glittered up, dried leaves. Make your office fit for trick-or-treating by adding spider webs in the corners and on the twigs!

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You’re in luck if you’re happy with the autumn theme: Thanksgiving keeps to those colors. Keep the gold lights and the tablecloth for this season but replace the pumpkin with faux flowers in small vases. Add garlands and wreaths of red berries and orange ribbons to the windows and door.

Red and Gold Holidays

And now, the holidays we all wait for! Get a tabletop Christmas tree for your desk and decorate with light strings and ornaments; not just your tree though, everything you want. Christmas stockings could substitute for pen holders and office tools. Put some of the larger things under the tree to mimic gifts. If the lamp shades were changed to something with a hearth-like diffusion, they would be like mini-fireplaces.

Keep Your Office Decorations Simple!

You’ll notice these suggestions for how to decorate your office for the holidays don’t include major decoration changes like curtains and seat covers. These office decoration tips keep it simple and don’t change your general decorating scheme!

How do you decorate your office for the holidays?


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