5 Simple Health Tips to Live a Balanced Life
I don’t usually share health tips, but monitoring my health and nutrition has changed my life and career. In this article are five simple health tips that helped me lose weight, have more energy to launch my business, and move past the infertility issues I was having.
I know how important this stuff is, and continually strive to maintain my health so I can have as much energy as possible for my husband, daughter, and everyone who reads and supports this site.

I am not perfect, but here are my 5 simple health tips:

1. You are what you eat.

When I heard this, it changed my outlook on food. What are the words that describe the type of person and life you want to live? My words are full of life, energetic, inspiring, motivating and fulfilling. Now when I am struggling to figure out what to eat, I ask myself what foods on the menu are full of life, energetic, inspiring, motivating and fulfilling. It’s amazing how much easier the choice is!

 2. Nourish yourself for peak performance.

The better you feel the more energy you will have to be at peak performance. You won’t be lethargic or tired. You will have energy when you come home from work or when you wake up. Everyone’s body is different so I am not telling you what to eat or drink, but I will just say that the times in my life that I have had the most energy are when I am the healthiest. Somehow when I was training for that marathon, I wasn’t tired, I was actually the most productive I have ever been in my life.

health tips marathon

3. Plan your meals in advance.

Just do it. Spend an hour on the weekend. Go to the grocery store. Pack up your meals ahead for the week. Look on Pinterest for some great recipes, crockpot meals or lunch ideas.
If you batch this you can do it much faster all at once then trying to figure out what to eat all the way through the week. You can also eat multiple things throughout the week which is why I love it so much. I usually plan out a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu for the week and buy everything once per week. The key is just planning ahead and having everything ready in your fridge. When you do this planning in advance it will not only give you more energy, but you will be saving time each week which gives you MORE time to focus on your career goals!

4. Stay hydrated while working.

Keep water next to you always while you are working. You will never catch me without my water bottle (only when my daughter has taken it).  Staying hydrated will give you more energy too.

health tips yoga

5. If you feel great, you will be more confident and happier.

I know your reason for reading this blog is to become happier in your career and life so focus on taking care of yourself and being the best you can be to your body. That really is how you treat yourself with food and exercise. I have to take a walk or run every day and just recently joined the YMCA.
I used to be able to workout doing a home workout video, but now my daughter is 16 months and she won’t leave my side (can anyone else relate?), so I realized I can no longer do that and sought outside help. So a gym membership for me is my pampering and self-care.

Would love to hear in the comments: What are your health tips?

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