Halfway Hustle Day 2: Looking Forward
Make sure you start with Halfway Hustle Day 1 first!

Halfway Hustle Day #2: Looking Forward

Pep Talk: It only counts as growth if you don’t want to do it. Keep doing more of what you don’t want to do so you can keep growing.
Yesterday, I spoke with a woman and we talked about how she needed to wake up earlier to complete her goals. She didn’t want to wake up earlier but in order to keep growing, she knew she needed to do it.
It’s easy to coast through 2016. It’s hard to grow and make our goals happen. We have to keep focused on our growth for the rest of 2016.


Now, let’s look forward and create your goals for the rest of the year. Please post one or all of your answers in the comments below.
1. If you could have anything you want to have happened in your life over the next 6 months, what are the top 3 things?
2. Why are those things important to you? Why do you want those three things?
3. Who do you have to become to make your goals happen? Do you need to grow? Do less? Make a leap? Be a better delegator? Get help?
Next up: Day 3.

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