How Professionals Should Dress for Success in an Interview
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How Professionals Should Dress for Success in an Interview

We all know that when you’re out searching for a job, it seems as if the hardest part is getting the interview itself. When you get called to get an interview, it’s not hard to get all giddy inside. People may not realize this, but the way you dress is a great way to show what you’re all about. If you come in dress like a slob, with a stained shirt, what are they going to think about you?
To make things easier, here are some questions that you can ask yourself, as well as find out how you should dress for particular situations.
Research the company: There are so many great sites online such as GlassDoor that give you an inside look at what the interview process is all about. This is a great way to see what people wore, what questions were asked, as well as what is acceptable. Use these sites to your advantage to do your homework on these companies.
Always play it safe: There’s no such thing as overdressing. Sure, while wearing a suit to a McDonald’s interview may be silly, it’s going to show that you care, and you’re willing to put forth effort in the future. It really does show a lot of your character by showing that you care how you look.
Simple rules women can play by…
  • Stick to a suit /jacket: While a dress may work for you, you never know who is going to be offended by something, if it’s too short, etc.
  • Don’t bring in your purse: While a purse may seem tempting to bring in, you will want to keep It more professional. Bring in a nice business zipped up folder, or consider a briefcase.
  • Don’t be flashy: Don’t come in with color nail polish, or crazy makeup. Instead, be conservative with things like this. Yes, you can wear makeup, but don’t look like a clown.
  • Watch the jewelry: Yes, we love to wear jewelry, but keep it to a minimum. Wear your wedding ring (if you have one), and try to avoid wearing necklaces, and 3 earrings in each ear.
  • Cover tattoos: Play it conservative, because many companies will judge you by your tattoos. Yes, it may be unfair, but if you want that job, you will want to hide them.
  • Don’t bring items: Leave the items such as gum, sodas, as well as coffee at home. Just bring in a briefcase, or folder and that’s it.
Most of the time, when you play it conservative, you’re going to find that you will be fine, and dressing up should be the least of your concern. Instead, focus more on the questions that are going to be asked, as well as practice your answers. While interviews can be stressful, you will find that as long as you’re prepared, it will feel like a piece of cake!
(Business suit in photo from Dillards)

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