5 Steps To Look For Jobs at Instagram
According to eMarketer.com, by 2018, there will be 100 million Instagram US base users. From real people like you and me to brands and companies. A lot of big companies, just like AT&T, are increasingly turning to Instagram to promote their cultures and their open jobs. Are people actually using it and can you use it to get a job? With Instagram careers, you can respond with a resounding yes. With 400 million monthly active users and counting, Instagram users have proven they’re love for the platform. And if you are looking for jobs at Instagram, why not use these same strategies to create your dream job! If you can demonstrate that you know the platform REALLY well, you’ll be miles ahead of the competition!
Luckily for you, most job searchers aren’t using Instagram for the purpose of finding a job. This is great news! There may be companies and recruiters that may want to hire you. At Classy Career Girl recently, we hired an intern who was extremely interactive with us on social media, especially Instagram. She knew her stuff and we could tell, so we offered her an internship after a year of seeing how much she interacted with us and shared our mission and articles with her followers too. So it can be done and people are getting hired on Instagram every single day.

5 Steps to Get a Job On Instagram (Or Look For Jobs at Instagram)

1. Create a Professional Instagram Account

Of course, you need to have an account first. If you have an account already and if you have some photos that you might not want recruiters or employers to see, I would recommend that you to create a second account. This way you won’t have to worry about embarrassing photos and you can keep it classy and professional.
It’s really easy to have two separate accounts now thanks to recent changes Instagram has made. Just go into your settings and click add account. This way you can quickly go between your personal and professional account when posting content.
Also, here are some ideas to think about when creating your username:
Option 1: FirstnameLastname (like @annarunyan). If this isn’t available, you can always do firstname_lastname.
Option 2: YourProfessionandName (for Example: CareerCoachSharon)
Option 3: YourBrandName (like @classycareergirl)

2. Create a Professional Bio

Next, create a very short compelling bio about who you are and the type of work you do. If you have a professional account and are searching for a job, I highly recommend that you add that you are job searching. A good tip is to use your LinkedIn summary for your Instagram careers summary as well.
Your bio link can link directly to your LinkedIn page or your blog or online profile if you have one.

3. Create Content to Share

This is where you set yourself apart and really use Instagram to get a job. You can create your Instagram Resume. You always want to make sure the top 6 photos are career related because people at your companies will be checking out your profiles if you are interacting with them on Instagram.
Here are some ideas of pictures you can use.
-Motivational text or quotes
-Advice you have about your industry in quote images. Check out Wordswag app for an easy way to do this quickly.
-Videos of you demonstrating items on your resume.
-Videos of other people saying how awesome you are to work with.
-Photos of you working.
-Photos of companies you have worked at.
-Photos of you at conferences and events.
-Photos of you accomplishing your goals and dreams in your personal life such as running a marathon.
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4. Follow Your Target Companies and Expand Your Network

There are many ways you can add instagram to your networking plan. Make a list of companies to which you’re applying or the companies you hope to work in the future and follow them. Google “company name” + “Instagram”. (Example: Classy Career Girl  and Instagram). The company’s Instagram account is the first result in Google. Or simply use the search box in your Instagram app.
If at some point the company doesn’t have an Instagram account, find people who work at those companies and network with them by liking their photos and leaving compelling comments. You can also share interests by using same hashtags if applicable.
You can also use the company LinkedIn page and find employee names. Then, find their Instagram accounts and start liking and commenting on their photos. It may take a couple of tries to find a public account but if you do scroll down and find other employees by looking for group shots. If you get lucky, someone will have taken a picture in the company office and geotagged the location.
Make use of Instagram’s search tab. Look for hashtags used by those companies and you can easily see photos that have that hashtag.

5. Send Messages Looking For Jobs at Instagram

This is not often used so you have to be careful so it doesn’t come across as spam and get ignored. Instagram has a great message feature that you can use only AFTER you have been liking and commenting on their photos to get a job. You want that company or person to know you well before you send a message.
When you are ready to send a message, ask for an informational interview or let them know you love what their company is up to and really hope to work at the company someday.  You can ask for tips and advice and tell them that you are keeping an eye on their careers page. If you have set up your bio correctly, you don’t even need to worry about sending over your resume because they can see it in your profile content and bio! This is great news for those of us who aren’t a big fan of resumes.
I actually didn’t even ask for the resume of the intern we recently hired because she demonstrated her resume online and on Instagram instead.  That’s way better in my book than a list of tasks you have completed.

Looking For Jobs at Instagram

If you are looking for jobs at instagram, not only should you follow the first 5 steps above, but you’ll want to take it to the next level for any Instagram careers. You’ll want to network with the EMPLOYEES of the company on the Instagram platform. You’ll want to stand out and be active in comments and stories so that they know you are there!
Just like networking at any other company, networking on Instagram to get a job at Instagram is a brilliant strategy and will set you apart from the competition who is just relying on submitting a resume!

How can you make yourself stand out on Instagram and get a job?

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