Finding Focus in a Noisy World

Today’s podcast is from inside one of our membership sites. It is all about finding focus, especially when there is just not enough time.

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Finding Focus in a Noisy World

I could write a book. I could start a course. I could do speaking events. There are so many ideas as an entrepreneur; we want to do it all. So how do you focus on what matters right now? Here are five tips for finding focus.

  1. You can’t do it all. You may be getting opportunities left and right. The right time will come to do more but focus in on the things in your business that are working now. You can’t say yes to everything. Table some of those things for later on in your business. Start saying no. 
  2. Be very aware of tradeoffs. If you are doing one thing, that means something else is suffering. This is a choice that you are making with your time. If you are checking your work email, what is that not allowing you to do ? For example, if you are mindlessly wasting time scrolling on Instagram, you are making a choice to not do your daily meditation. These are examples, but we have to be aware of the choices and tradeoffs we are making so we can use our time wisely.
  3. Find the right things to focus on. “Productivity is not about getting more things done; it’s about getting the right things done.” -Michael Hyatt. Focusing on the right things is so important, especially after having kids. 
  4. Book recommendation: This book has really changed how I think about how I spend my time. Free to Focus.
  5. Focus on what you need to do right now. Your business will grow when you eliminate all the things you could be doing and just focus in on the things you really need to be doing right now.


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