The #1 To-Do List App You Need To Start Using Now
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Question: “Anna, What is your very most favorite “to-do list” program, online? I need something to keep me organized! I do not share an office with my boss, and we do not share a server, but, instead, independent Outlook accounts. Is there something we can use to task back and forth, that will “talk” to Outlook, but is online? Otherwise, it’s just reams and reams of notes, in e-mails, attached to e-mails, on paper, etc. Thanks!” – Kris


The #1 To-Do List App You Need To Start Using Now

Answer: My very favorite to-do list app that I use every day and almost every single hour is Asana.com.

1. Price!

It is completely free if you have under 10 people on your team. It helps me out so much because I can organize my tasks that need to get done today, upcoming tasks for next week, and later tasks that are long-term to-do’s.

2. Digital To-Do List

I now know what I need to do today and what I can push to later on this month or even later on this year. My entire team is on Asana so everyone has their own section where their tasks go. I can prioritize other people’s schedules and calendars. I can see big projects and prioritize what is coming up.

3. Good-bye Email

It has cut down our email tremendously. We have no more emails going back and forth about tasks and who is doing what which is awesome! I go to bed every night with no emails in my inbox because every task is already on Asana!
If an email comes to me and it is a task for me, I just forward the email to Asana and it becomes part of my daily to-do list. If it is not a task, I delete it or archive it.

4. Organize Your Projects

I also have a project on Asana which is to “read and study” later for when I have time to do some reading. I put all my educational emails into that section to read when the time is right.
Asana is organized into projects so we have social media project and we have a blog project too.

5. Organize Your “Hot” Discussion Items

We also have a “to discuss” project. Anytime we have something that we need to discuss, we don’t have to talk about it in the middle of the day when we are working on something really important. Instead, we have around 10 items each day that we save for when we have more time to discuss them. This has to be when you are in the right mindset to knock out to-do items fast and make quick decisions! We block out 30 minutes and we go through these items at one time so we don’t have emergencies all throughout the day.
 I hope that helps you out and answers your question. We’ll see you next time on CCGTV!

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