Free 90 Day Planner: 90-Days to An Awesome Career or Business
Yes, the moment has finally arrived for me to share with you my brand new free 90 day planner! I truly believe anything can happen in 90 days. Dream, hustle and celebrate! I am feeling like this tonight after working so hard launching our free 90-Day Free Planner today. 
This easy plan I give all my clients is yours free today. Check it out.
Why Should You Download & Create a Free Planner?
Goals for an entire year can sometimes be overwhelming. They get so big and scary we sometimes forget to take action on them. Instead, I recommend you create and implement 90-day action plans in your career. 90 days is long enough to make big things happen but also short enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Both of my signature group coaching courses are broken into 90-day increments. I did this after working with so many of my clients and seeing that big light bulbs and amazing results start happening after 90 days of carefully planned and executed imperfect action.
So, it’s time to make a plan for your most amazing 90 days ever. I think you will see that small actions can add up to BIG RESULTS.

What’s next for the 90 day planner?

I know you might be scared to make your dreams a reality but your dream life is waiting for you and I want to help you find it.
Armed with the right plan, I have seen first-hand how myself and hundreds of my clients have enhanced their lifestyle, success, and fulfillment just by learning what their ideal career target is that they were born to do and then taking solid steps forward to do what they love every single day.
You now know a 90-day plan can change your career and life. So you have a choice, you can continue to do what you are already doing and see the same results…or you can take your first step to learn what is working now so you can finally wake up excited to get to work.

Free Planner: small actions can add up to BIG RESULTS


Classy Career Girl® was founded in March 2010 by Anna Runyan. Anna’s process for finding career fulfillment has captured the hearts of women around the world and she is now bringing that same inspiration to your office by creating a shop with physical planners.
The idea of creating her own physical planner was always something that Anna wanted to do since she was a young girl. She was always determined to reach her goals, but could never find a planner that really worked for her. She created her own 90-day system to help her reach her own blog goals so she could achieve her dream of turning her blog into a full-time business. After seeing her goals realized and quitting her day job in 2014, her blog was already being recognized by Forbes, Wall Street Journal and People Stylewatch. She knew she needed to get her 90-day planning system out into the world so she could help even more women reach their goals, too.
In 2016, Anna created the “Create Your Future 90-Day Planner” for her readers to download on ClassyCareerGirl.com. She quickly realized her process for accomplishing goals in 90-day increments was helping her followers launch their dream careers and businesses. Over 35,000 women downloaded the planner and she continuously received feedback that her readers wanted a physical planner. She decided to step outside her comfort zone and turn her digital planner into a physical product.
Fast forward to October 2018, Anna used her own 90-day planning system to make her dream of creating a physical planner a reality. She created this physical 90-day planner to officially launch the Classy Career Girl Collection.

You can start this planner anytime. Set aside an hour to go through the LOOKING BACK, VISION JOURNAL, and ANNUAL PLAN sections. Don’t worry about being perfect. Just write down whatever comes to your mind first.


Reference your ANNUAL PLAN to help you create your goals for the next 90 days. Then, break out all your tasks for the next quarter and put them into 30, 60, and 90 day increments in the 90-DAY PLAN.


Make a commitment to create a new 90-DAY PLAN every quarter, create a new monthly plan every month and a new weekly plan each week. This consistent action won’t take long and is crucial to your success and happiness.
If you stick with it, you’ll find that this planner will become part of your routine. Planning time will become a habit and you will reach your goals, even with a busy schedule.
It’s a dream come true to see people using my planner! Make sure you tag @classycareergirl on Instagram so I can cheer you on!
Anna Runyan

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I’ll help you create a career strategy and plan so you can finally have a job or business you love that supports the life you really want.

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