CCG18 Podcast: How Debt Can Influence Your Career & How to Get Out of Debt

Podcast Highlights

We have a special podcast treat today! Instead of hearing my interviews with other business women, you get to hear someone else interviewing me! Today’s episode is all about how finances can affect your career and how to get out of debt.

Here are highlights of today’s podcast.

  • Perform Higher call hosted by Jullien Gordon
  • How taking control of your finances can influence your professional future
  • Practical ways that you can get out of debt
  • Steps to take if you are currently in a job just to pay the bills
  • How to plan work around your life, not your life around your work

The Higher Call is a weekly call hosted by Jullien Gordon to help high performers learn how to be an even higher performer. Here are some interesting questions that Jullien poses on his website that will get you thinking about where you are currently at:

  1. How did you perform in the past work week?
  2. Are you interested in learning how to perform higher?
  3. What difference could performing higher make in your work and life?
  4. What is the gap between where you are and where you know you could be?

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