Benefits of City Living For The Classy Career Girl
I live in the suburbs of San Diego. I drive 30 minutes to work every day and sometimes sit in a lot of traffic.  I love where I live, but occasionally I am a little jealous of you ladies living in the city. Every time I look at the Cubicle Chic blog I see photos of Lindsay and Meredith in cute work wear all over New York City.
Doesn’t it make you want to pack up and move there?

There are pros and cons to city living but today I am talking all about the benefits for the Career Girl!


City living means you use public transportation and save money by not having to pay for car expenses.  You won’t have to battle traffic and you can use the free time on the bus or subway to catch up on your favorite blogs! 🙂  Also, hopefully, you get home quicker from work when you have to work a late night.


There is always something going on!  You have coffee shops close by you if you have to work or study on the weekends.  You also have bars close by for some after work happy hours.

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As Classy Career girls, we are always on the search to learn something new.  By living in the city, there are many places and people that you can learn from.  There are museums, libraries, and industry networking events all right at your fingertips.


By living in the city, you will spend a lot of your time walking which is excellent for your health!

Job opportunities

More companies in the city means more job opportunities for YOU!

Readers – What do you think?  Do you live in the city? What are the pros and cons of city life? 

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