A week after my rock bottom…..

As I am finalizing my presentation for Prep School which starts tomorrow night, I can’t help but think of this story.

Today I want to talk about the best decision of my life.

I remember just a few years ago when I had so much stress and anxiety going to work that my stomach would hurt driving into work. I would just sit in the car until the last possible minute.

I couldn’t relax or enjoy the weekends because I dreaded Monday morning. Sunday blues literally hit as soon as I woke up on Sunday and then the whole day I was just so stressed.

I was stuck, unhealthy, overweight and depressed. My husband and I are were underwater on our mortgage and $80,000 in debt and our relationship was not the happiest as I was very moody after work everyday.

I knew I had to start making the right choices for ME, not my boss or my clients. I finally did what made me happy and let what other people wanted me to do go.

A week after my rock bottom of a very devastating personal experience after multiple pregnancy losses and being stuck for years in a job I hated, I hired a coach and got into a community of ambitious women who were rockin’ it in their careers and doing amazing things that I wanted to do someday too.


That was my life changing decision.  Not to dwell in negativity and impossibility any longer but to make a change and surround myself with positive go-getters who believed that ANYTHING was possible.

And that is exactly why I have created Love Your Career Formula 2.0 Prep School now almost full with over 50 ambitious women who are on fire to live their career and life dreams too.  

Prep School is 3 incredible evenings with me designed to map out your career transition. Whether you want to change industries, companies or start a business, Prep School is designed perfectly to get you ready this fall.


I have seen firsthand how much potential millions of women have around the world that is unused because they just needed that extra support and positive environment.

So many women just like you need someone telling them that THEY CAN DO IT and cheering them on saying that they can and WILL be a success and to believe in them that they really can launch their dream careers and businesses just like I have.

Your first step is to take the same life-changing step that I did, get into a supportive community of other women.  That’s why I created Prep School and your first class with me starts tomorrow evening (for only $25!!!).     

click here            

I’m so pleased with my student’s success — the hundreds of ambitious women who have followed my trainings. I have been getting these types of emails weekly these days and I love it!

unnamed“I got a job offer today!” -Sarah Bensman

“So many doors are opening for me!” – Cristina Amurao

“Tomorrow is the first morning of entrepreneurship.” – Beverly Fernandez

“I got 3 job offers in one week.” -Vivian Ly

Will you be making one of your best decisions today? No more thinking, it’s time to start taking action. I believe in you. Click here to sign up.




P.S. Prep School could fill up at any moment now and the price will go back to normal on Wednesday. So, don’t delay and sign up now. 

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