Three Incredible Evenings With Anna to Prepare For and Map Out Your Career Transition

Love Your Career Formula 2.0 Prep School is designed to get you ready for your career change. Whether you want to change industries, companies or start a business, Prep School is designed perfectly to get you ready.

This previous live event is now recorded for you so you can get started with the entire course immediately.

In 2014, I said “adios” to my stressful and B2IcAFTSkIYVoBcVD3r-NMOlug7g9xluBHiVTHwogZImiserable day job, left for maternity leave and never went back.  It was one of the most exciting days of my life. Up until that point, I was stuck in my job and knew that I had so much more to offer. For years I dreamed of the “one day” when I would know what I wanted to do next and I would stop standing still. Well..that day had finally come!

When you are struggling with discouragement and being overworked or bored, I completely understand how far off your dream career can feel. I want you to know that it really isn’t that far away.

If I can do it there really is no reason that you can’t do it too. Love Your Career Formula 2.0 Prep School will give you the first steps you need to make your dream career or business a reality.

I realized I was in charge of my destiny, just like you are too! Don’t settle!

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After I figured out my ideal career fit and I made it happen, I finally felt excited to wake up EVERYDAY and go to work! I am proud of myself and I am growing and so much calmer. Not only that but I am getting paid double what I used to when I was stuck and I get to spend much more time with my 1 year old daughter.

I now get to enjoy my dream career while traveling regularly, enjoying work-life balance, helping others with my gifts and strengths, having plenty time to maintain my health…and of course having plenty of quality time with my daughter and hubby.

Prep School Topics

Three Incredible Evenings With Anna to Prepare For and Map Out Your Career Transition

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  • Success Mindset

    Learn how to increase your confidence and attract the job you want. Map out your desires and create a non-negotiable success mindset. Ensure you are using the correct thoughts and words for success. Learn how to change your money story and conquer fear forever. Ensure you don’t sabotage your success in the future and learn how to have the right positive mindset for success. 

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  • Personal Mastery

    • Learn how to increase your productivity and manage your time for your dream career transition or dream business success. Implement a self-care routine and create your calendar.  Learn how to get a handle on your money and clear the clutter that you are tolerating. We will also evaluate your current career and life situation so you can quickly feel rejuvenated and re-focused.

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  • Goals, Dreams and Action Plans

    Create your goals and 90-Day Dream Career Action Plan. Create your actions and tasks to make your dreams happen and learn how to create a vision board that will get you the results you want. Also, create your personal Love Your Career Formula Roadmap so that you have direction and a plan in place for the next 90 days.  Know what steps you need to take first.

Join our community of hundreds of ambitious women who are successfully finding their dream jobs and starting their dream businesses.

“I got a job offer today!” -Sarah Bensman


“So many doors are opening for me!” – Cristina Amurao





“Tomorrow is the first morning of entrepreneurship.” – Beverly FernandezBeverly Fernandez

“I got 3 job offers in one week.” -Vivian Ly7f4643f61998a6b7e087539518fefbee_1c8f41e-289-289-c

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What if I want to join Love Your Career Formula 2.0 or Corporate Rescue Plan when I finish Prep School? 

We would love to welcome you into our community of either VIP or self-study programs if they are open. After Prep School has finished you will have an option to enroll in our courses when they open again and we will credit your Prep School payment.

How much homework is involved? 

You will have a simple worksheet for each module to complete to help you move forward. This homework is not typical homework though because it is life changing. It will require about 30 minutes per week of outside work but of course the more you put in, the more you will get out. Nothing is mandatory and you can work at your own pace.

Love Your Career Formula 2.0 Prep School Will Provide You With:

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  • Three Previously Live Training Calls With Anna and a group of ambitious women (Plus Instant Access to the Recording of the Calls!)

  • Beautiful Digital Handouts, Homework and Bonus Worksheets

    So that you can stay organized and fast track your career success.

  • LYCF 2.0 Prep School for FREE

    After Prep School has finished you will have an option to enroll in LYCF 2.0 and when you do we will credit your Prep School payment.

  • Immediate access to a live bonus video training where Anna walks you through her 7-step Love Your Career Formula (plus special guests!)


-Having a plan in place to wake up loving what you do.

-Building a career on what you enjoy and doing something you feel good about, leaving you time to travel and still take care of your family.

-Getting paid what you are worth, paying off debt and feeling good about that retirement savings account.

-Being marketable and part of a meaningful team employed by a company that really appreciates and values the work you do.

-And of course, achieving your personal goals and seeing all of your dreams come true (instead of dreading going to work!)

Are you ready for this to be YOUR reality, too!?

LYCF_2_badgeLove Your Career Formula 2.0 Prep School

Join today for only a one-time payment of $50 $25.

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