A Christmas Message From Anna Runyan

Classy Career Girl Readers,

(Note: It’s Christmas and this post has nothing to do with my career. It’s about me and why this blog is what it is. And disclosure if you are a new reader, I have had two miscarriages that I don’t often write about except for when I can relate it to my careers such as this article in Forbes and the Daily Muse, Navigating a Personal Crisis at Work).
I know that there is some reason that I will probably never know why my miscarriages happened. I know that there is something greater than me that has a hand in my life.  I know there is a reason that being a mother is not what I am supposed to be doing right now. Each month that goes by offers a new opportunity that I know I never would have done if I had not miscarried.
The more disappointments in my life, the more opportunities to help other people come my way leading me to believe that God has control of my life. My mom and I were shopping yesterday and she pointed out how the Macy’s shopping bags say “BELIEVE.”  Whatever religion you believe in, believe today that there is something bigger than the losses and disappointments in life that we can’t control and that instead believe in joy, happiness, and perfect timing. I know that I am not supposed to be a mother right now so I am putting my heart and soul into this blog.  There is some reason why this is the unexpected turn my life has taken and some greater plan is in store.
Thanks again for all of your emails, comments, Facebook likes, and tweets.  I truly appreciate you and I could not ask for a better Christmas present than to have the opportunity to do this “Classy Career Girl” life with you again in 2013.

Merry Christmas from the Runyans (from Minnesota where it is -6 degrees).


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