First 90 Days at Work: Success Plan
If you just got hired at your dream job, you want to make sure you have the best first 90 days as you possibly can! What you do from the first day matters most. Your new colleagues and your new boss will form opinions of you based on limited information and it’s hard to change their minds after the first impression. So here’s what you can do to shape their impressions to be the best they can be:

Step 1: Build key relationships early

Ask your boss, “What is critical in my job that I need to know? Invite key people in your company to lunch or coffee and pick their brains. Focus on your managers and your colleagues who are the same level as you. You will need support at all levels!

Step 2: Observe the office culture

Try your best to blend in and always listen before you speak. Don’t give your opinions too fast right away. Your time will come but in the beginning you want to listen as much as possible.

Step 3: Do what you say you will

It’s so important to start building trust from the beginning. If you show you are trustworthy you will continue to get additional responsibilities which will help you achieve your career goals.

Step 4: Focus and Hustle

You might not have a ton of work life balance in the beginning. You want to be that person who is willing to stay late and get in early to learn and grow and get started on the right foot. It might take you more time to do something but you want to prove you are dedicated and will get it done no matter what! You may have to get some cleaning support around the house and extra childcare or ask your husband for more help around the house for your first 90 days to get off on the very best foot possible!
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Step 5: Seek out a mentor

Find someone who was once in your position to be your mentor. This does not have to be formal. Enlist that person’s help and offer your help in exchange!

Step 6: Be proactive with your new boss

It’s up to you to make this relationship work. Your boss is busy so ask him or her what is the easiest way to be contacted. Go out of your way to check in with him or her and report updates on your accomplishments and tasks.

Step 7: Improve your weaknesses in your new role

As you go through the first couple of weeks, you will notice that you prefer some things about your job but not everything. It’s important not to just focus on the things you are good at in the first 90 days and to work hard learning and growing your weaknesses too. Eventually you may be able to delegate those to someone else but in the beginning it is extremely important to show you are well rounded and can pick up anything you are asked to do. Later on, you can have a conversation with your boss about training someone new on the task you dislike or how you want to focus more on a certain area. That is only after you have proved yourself and they see how valuable you are to the company because you can do a lot of different things and they need you.

Step 8: Try to have an early win

See what project is really important to your boss or co-workers and focus hard on it to make it your early win. Make it a priority in your to-do list and do a little everyday to ensure you complete it as quickly as possible. Early wins will help you make a great impression and help you get yourself set up for future promotion, raises and of course happiness! Just follow these steps and you will be well on your way to reaching all of your career dreams and loving your career for life!

How did your first 90 days go?

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