The 9 Most Common Mistakes New Business Owners Make
There were many years I had this blog, but I could not figure out HOW to make it a business for the life of me. It was not making me money, but I loved it so much, and I spent every spare minute blogging.
One of my biggest regrets is working far too long on my blog without knowing HOW I was going to make the leap to my dream business FULL-TIME. I felt completely stuck, and I hated my day job. I really wanted to be my own boss and make an impact in the world. I worked on my blog whenever I had a free second.

But, the problem was…my blog never made me one cent.

It wasn’t until I put together a solid marketing plan and sales funnel with my own coach that I finally started earning more than enough money so I could quit my day job.

The 9 Most Common Mistakes New Business Owners Make

I now have a business running online coaching courses and teaching other women how to find careers they love and escape the corporate grind. While coaching these women, I have found the same nine mistakes are repeated all the time.
Here are the most common mistakes made by those who want to quit their day job and start their dream business….
I have made these mistakes, too. You aren’t alone!

1. Relying on a great idea without a solid plan.

An idea isn’t going to make you rich. You have to have solid action steps and a freedom plan in place before you submit your resignation letter.

2. Spending way too much money first.

Nope! Cash flow it! You don’t need a crazy amount of money. Trust me. This is how myself and many of my clients have gotten off the ground. The best way to do this is by selling a product or service before it is 100% perfect. You can always provide a discount for the early adopters if you want. Then, improve and test as you go!

3. Trying to do everything yourself.

The best investment I ever made was my virtual assistant. You want to outsource before you think you are ready. Not only will this make it less stressful to startup but you can also focus on revenue generating activities rather than sorting emails. Hire before you are ready and thank me later! 🙂

4. Waiting too long to launch.

It doesn’t have to be perfect! Test, sell and create as you go. Don’t spend too much time thinking and not enough time taking action. You will paralyze yourself if you think too much!  Action is what makes things happen!

5. Not focusing on your ideal client.

You have to survey and really understand who your ideal client is. This is so important because you have to know what they think and solve an urgent problem that they have.

6. Copying others.

Be different. Don’t subscribe to every free email and get jealous of others. Be creative. Be yourself and create your own brand.

7. Starting a business you aren’t passionate about.

Don’t just start a business to make money. With all of my clients, I go through a process to make sure they know their purpose and values so they can start a business they will LOVE.  You don’t want to create a business that is just going to give you more work to do.

8. Doing it alone.

Having a partner, mastermind group or coach to help you is something I wish I had learned earlier. My business changed overnight when I invested in a coach, and I continue to have a mastermind group and accountability partner. It tripled my income almost overnight!

9. Thinking a blog is a business.

Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates are not going to make you a living. Trust me. I teach my clients how to create a solid sales funnel that sells their own products and services.

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