The 3 Biggest Obstacles Between You and Your Dream Career
Feeling stuck? There are 3 big obstacles which are the most common in holding people back from launching their dream careers. It’s best if you can figure this out and then become really aware of your roadblocks. Once you know what is holding you back, then you can tackle it and move forward. Easy, right? Let’s get started.

The 3 Biggest Obstacles in Between You and Your Dream Career

1. Time

Ever said any of these?
“There’s not enough time in the day!”
“There’s more to do than time allows!”
“I don’t have time for my family.”
“I’m having a really hard time finding balance.”
“I’m not sure how to carve out “me” time.”
“I am not sure how to find the time to get this dream career launched.”
If you feel that your calendar is out of control and you don’t have any time, it usually means that you need a mindset adjustment in order to launch your dream career or business. Time obstacles are not real. Why? Because you make your time and you are in control of your calendar.

2. Fear

Maybe you are backing off from what you truly want to do because you’re hesitant to be who you really are. You have a fear of being yourself. You’re also losing confidence in yourself. You have a lot of self-doubt or you are feeling guilty thinking about launching your dreams. You are thinking, “Am I really good enough to make my dreams to a reality? Am I ever going to get hired? I’m never going to get hired. I’m never going to be able to launch my dream business.”
You are afraid to dream too BIG.
Then, there’s also a fear of living up to other people’s expectations and really having lots of constant negative thoughts. What if it doesn’t work out?
This is your mindset holding you back.  The good news is that you can conquer this. It takes a lot of positive daily affirmations and a great supportive network but you CAN get rid of that fear and start creating your own path.

3. Direction

Do you have a ton of ideas but no solid plan of action? Are you not sure where to begin with launching your dream career? You are fine tuning all your ideas and you are feeling so disorganized. Instead of moving forward, you are just standing still.
I’ve been there too but guess what! Reading this blog post truly is your first step to getting unstuck. The first step to getting unstuck is identifying where you are at right now. This is your starting point. These are your obstacles.
If this is what you are battling now and not where you want to be, visualize what your ideal workday is for a second. Sometimes we never really let ourselves dream. It’s really important that you identify what you want and what your real desires are, not what your “shoulds” are.

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