Rogue Vision Retreats and How to Have One of Your Own

Rogue Vision Retreats and How to Have One of Your Own

About the Author

Leslie Eiler Thompson

Leslie Eiler Thompson is the owner and “Rogue One” of Rogue Creative Marketing in Nashville, Tennessee. Leslie started marketing creative businesses in 2004 using MySpace bulletins and LiveJournal blogs to promote weekend coffee shop concerts and tours. A graduate of Belmont University’s commercial voice program in Nashville, Leslie spent four years in marketing and product development in the music industry and throughout those four years, she found that sitting at a desk for fifty hours a week was not scratching any itches…in fact, it seemed to be creating them! So, she went “rogue" and started her own creative marketing studio. Rogue Creative helps other creative businesses uphold their brand integrity throughout all areas of digital marketing, including design and media. Clients include artists, designers, artist managers, music businesses, marketing firms, and beyond. Leslie does all her rogue adventures from Nashville where she resides with her husband and their two adorably disastrous pups.

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