2 Ways to Avoid Failure

Do you feel stuck? Today’s podcast is going to cover two ways to avoid failure. That’s right–just two steps is all you need. Before I started Classy Career Girl, this was what was on my mind:

I am stuck.

Ok, I like teaching. I’ll teach on the training team.

Ok, I’ll ask my boss if I can do one day in HR.

Ok, I’ll see if I can become an adjunct professor.

Oh, my friend is looking for a job. I’ll offer to coach her for free.

Oh, a student asked me to speak at her university. I won’t say no. I’ll try it even though I’m scared out of my mind.

Ok, I’ll sell an online course and see if anyone buys it.

Ok, I’ll offer the four people who took my course coaching.

2 Ways to Avoid Failure 

Today we are going to do a mini-training on how not to fail. I hear this all the time from you guys, and I want to share my two ways to avoid failure. They are not hard, as you will see!

1)  Take Imperfect Action

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Lean on us for support and feedback. Do all you can with all you have right now.

One of our members, while along the way to her dream career, realized she didn’t like it and went back to what she really loved. Things became clear to her. Just keep moving forward!

2)  Take Baby Steps

Find little blocks of time in your week. Only 15 minutes per day is all you need to avoid failure! Do a quick planning session and get yourself ready for the week. When you have a plan, you will be more likely to take those baby steps. 

When I first started at Classy Career Girl, I would wake up before school to work. I would fit 15-minute informational interviews in my workday. I would attend networking events. I would read books and podcasts. I would fill my mind with positivity. 


I am so excited to share that CLASS opens in January. We couldn’t be more excited! 

I’ve been reviewing all of our member’s amazing stories today, and it’s got me so pumped for the progress our members are continuing to make this year. Our members are:

  • Making money moves and getting the salaries they deserve!
  • Finding their perfect careers and getting excited to wake up on Monday morning!
  • Submitting their two weeks notice and working for themselves!
  • Finding the right path and wanting to keep working because they love what they do!

You can see these same results, too starting January 21st!

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