15 Ways I Paid Off $80,000 of Debt in 18 months

15 Ways I Paid Off $80,000 of Debt in 18 months

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Anna Runyan

Anna Runyan is the creator of the “Love Your Career Formula" and founder of Classy Career Girl, the first and only virtual and international community of ambitious women dedicated to designing and launching dream careers and businesses in 90 days or less.

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Shauna B - August 18, 2015

First off, thank you for sharing! How long did it take to pay off your 80K in debt, if you don’t mind me asking! I am using these tips to save rather than pay off debt. :) I can really resonate with needing to clear out clutter and sell, sell, sell. We have tons of c r a p that needs to GO!

    Anna Runyan - September 9, 2015

    Hi Shauna! I am glad you found these tips helpful! It took us a few years and it was not easy. It feels so good to get rid of crap. My husband and I just did that as we sold everything and then are on a cross country road trip visiting friends and family. You really don’t need all the stuff you think you do! :)

Anita - September 2, 2015

I would think it depends if it is a combined income, and what your incomes are that determines how much and fast someone can pay off a large debt.

Anonymous - September 8, 2015

$80,000 in 18 months…..I’ll bet you make more than $20k/year though ? This just isn’t feasible for a single mom on retail income…..

Wendy - September 24, 2015

Paid off in 18 months or a few years? If a few years, how many? Having 2 incomes would definitely help to pay debt off quicker wouldn’t you think?

Mandy - October 9, 2015

This is wonderful. My Fiance and I have been working so hard to get our debts down. We are getting married in January, and should ONLY have our student loans left, and we are starting a savings. It feels wonderful not to have to manage multiple credit cards and stress about every penny. We still have so much to work on, but I know we can do it, and this blog is a testament to that!

    Anna Runyan - November 6, 2015

    You can do it! I love your passion Mandy. Don’t give up!

Daniel - November 8, 2015

I’ve worked myself into the hospital, twice, trying to get out if debt. End result was $10000 further in debt, five years lost, income decreased by 50%, and any chance of med-school right out the window. All because of a mountain of medical bills when I was graduating college which destroyed my credit rating. After 20-years I’ve just about lost all hope of ever getting out of debt.


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