Is Pantyhose in the Office Appropriate or Outdated?

Is Pantyhose in the Office Appropriate or Outdated?

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Anna Runyan

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  • Brand New Pantyhose Girl

    I am young and i think pantyhoses are wonderful! They make a lady look so elegant and lady-like. For awhile I was a slave to what these stupid fashionistas proclaim – that the hose was too Grandma – but then I decided to be myself – because I LIKE THEM, i really do love how i look in them in formal attire, and i love the way they look, and how they complete me – so i wear them now!

    I think people shouldn’t be beholden to these stupid fashion rules set by people randomly! We all should dress how we want – some people might laugh at us, some might join in – who cares, we can only be ourselves.

    • Love how you said that we should dress how we want. I totally agree! Be yourself and the best thing you can do is wear what will make you feel the most confident, especially in interviews and at work.

  • Krista

    I absolutely wear them for interviews! I live in the NW, so I have to wear tights in the fall and winter or I’d freeze. Spring/summer I don’t wear them unless I have a formal event (ie a court appearance). I want to try the spray on for summer – my legs are always so pale!