Office Fashion Etiquette: Must Gen Y Wear Pantyhose to Work?

Office Fashion Etiquette: Must Gen Y Wear Pantyhose to Work?

OK, I think it is time that you helped me adequately address this heated question on office pantyhose. I found some arguments on this debate from a few of my favorite blogs but I would love to hear your thoughts also!
These days, is pantyhose in the office appropriate or outdated?
Office Appropriate

Jen at MBAchic recently posted that you should wear pantyhose.  “I know you probably only see your mom, aunts or old ladies wear them, but for these interviews, you want to wear them. Think: they may not be for you, but not too long ago, it was completely unheard of for women to leave the house without this undergarment. The majority of your potential employers are probably not your age, and for them, pantyhose is just a part of life. You do not want to give a senior partner in the accounting firm any reason to judge (or misjudge) you.”


CCG: When I entered the career world out of college, I thought that pantyhose were a must!  I wore them to interviews and on the job.  I even wore knee highs with pants because I thought I would look more professional and mature.  I realized a few months in that not only were they terribly uncomfortable but most women (of all ages) I was working with were not wearing them.  Today, I very rarely see anyone wearing pantyhose.  I think times are changing and it isn’t looked down upon anymore to NOT wear pantyhose.  Disclaimer: I live in San Diego and things tend to be a little more relaxed than other places such as New York and DC.

It Depends

Sarah Shah responded to my question on Twitter and sent me a link to an article she had written on the topic that says, “The status of pantyhose is changing. The key to surviving the pantyhose dilemma is knowing who you are and who you are going to be with. If you are a Believer and meeting with an UnWrapped (they believe there is never an excuse for pantyhose), it would be wise to rethink the pantyhose. If you are an Unwrapped meeting with a Believer (they believe women can’t leave the house without pantyhose), wearing pantyhose may be key to your success.”

CCG Readers, now you have heard all sides of the fence….what do you think? 
Yes, No or Maybe to office pantyhose?
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