How To Determine Your Passion and Purpose
The best way to find your passion and purpose is to be 100% you and to be your best self. Then, your calling will emerge. The key is to do what you can, where you are with everything you’ve got.

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How to Find Your Passion and Purpose

The Classy Career Girl definition of Your Best Self:
When you do something that serves others with your gifts and talents and you lose track of time when doing it because you enjoy it so much.

Here’s what the women in our challenge are saying:

Jocelyn: I am my best self after a good nights rest, with everything totally organized for the next few days
Cynthia: I am at my best self when I can add value to others in helping them discover their true passion, develop a vision for their future, and become the best version of who they are.
Jill: I am at my best when I am planning and organizing events for various groups/causes
Pamela: I am at my best self when I help people to discover solutions to their job search frustrations by developing a specific plan for their success.
I asked the women in the challenge to share the #1 thing they are hoping to get clarity on this week in our Fall in Love With Your Work and Life Challenge? Here are some of the responses. Can you relate? If so, you aren’t crazy and you aren’t alone.
Rachel: What do I want to do?
Ashley: What my calling is and how to really figure out what I’m meant to do.
Brittany: What I really want to do as a career.
Jill: Finding the career right for me and chasing after it.
To answer these questions, we need to dive into the 5 things that can help you find your passion. Ready?

5 Ways to Find Your Passion

1. Look At Your Previous Career Experiences

What did you like and what did you not like in all of the career experiences that you have had so far? We want to make sure we get you into a career filled with the things that you did like….not the things you hated

2. Determine Your Values

Ask yourself, “What are the most important things in your life right now? What are the most important things that you would like in your career?”

3. Determine Your Mission and Purpose

Ask yourself, “Are you put here on this Earth for some special purpose to do some unique work that only you can accomplish?”

4. Determine Your Favorite Skills

When we are good at something, it is easy for us to get promoted and stick with it even though we hate it. You have to really look within to determine what those skills are that you are both good at AND love to do.

5. Determine Your Ideal Workday and Ideal Work Environment

Does your day end and do you say, “Geez, where did the day go?!”  You might be a victim of having your day happen to you, instead of doing what YOU want in your day.  Visualizing your ideal workday will give you valuable information to use in developing your career plan.
Baby steps. Every day. Making 15 minutes count. What can you do in 15 minutes?

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