How to Write a Business Plan (PODCAST)
Ever been overwhelmed creating your business plan? Yeah, me too. Today I am going to share my love/hate relationship with business plans and the simple plan that works for me. If you want to write a business plan to grow your business, you are definitely going to love this episode.

How to Write a Business Plan

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Today I want to talk about something I wish I would have known sooner when I was building my business. Many of you might think that since I have my MBA, that’s how I knew how to start and grow a business. I would say you are correct if you are talking about a different type of business. The truth is, going to business school didn’t really help me make a plan to launch the type of business that I wanted to launch. I wanted to launch a serviced based consulting business, not a high-tech business that required a lot of venture funding to start.

Some Topics I discussed:

  • My experience making a business plan in Business School
  • 5 steps to create your business plan for your dream business
  • How to Plan Your Purpose
  • How to Plan Your People Plan
  • The First 4 Hires You Should Make in Your New Business
  • How to Plan Your Product Plan
  • How to Plan Your Promotion Plan
  • The 5-Step Sales Funnel System
  • How to Plan Your Profit

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast!!

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