What No One Tells You About Starting a Business
Hi, it’s Anna and welcome to my new blog training series. Over the next four weeks on this blog, I am excited to share my 5-step system to help you ditch your day job and transition into a profitable, freedom-based online business living your ideal lifestyle by starting a business in 90 days or less.
I am going to help you launch the business that would TRULY fit you – what you were BORN to do!  I teach a step-by-step system to start your ideal business, not just one that is going to create more “work” and stress you out. I am going to teach you how I have built a location independent business that allows me to watch my daughter meet her milestones (walking, talking and teething yikes!:)
I am going to teach you the most important activities you should be doing so that you can get your new business off the ground (and quit your day job), ASAP!

What No One Tells You About Starting a Business

This blog post is perfect for you if:
1) You are stuck in a career rut and desperately need a career change.
2) You want to be your own boss and are sick of working in the corporate environment. You hate not having your ideas heard and implemented.
3) You want to work less and make more.
4) You aren’t sure what to do next and how to make your dream business happen.
5) You want freedom and to be location independent. You want to spend more time with your family and are sick of being overworked and stressed at your day job.

So a little about me if this is the first time reading my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

I started a blog in 2010, and there were many years where I had my blog, but I could not figure out HOW to make it a business for the life of me. It was not making me money, but I loved it so much and I spent every spare minute blogging.

starting a business

One of my biggest regrets is working far too long on my side business without knowing HOW I was going to make the leap to my dream business FULL-TIME. I felt completely stuck and I hated my day job. I wanted to be my own boss and make an impact in the world. I worked on my blog whenever I had a free second. But, the problem was…my blog never made me enough to quit my day job.
It wasn’t until I actually put together a solid marketing plan and sales funnel with my own coach that I finally started earning more than enough money so I could quit my day job.
I now have a business running online coaching courses and I am completely location independent. Right now I am in Des Moines, Iowa on a 6-month road trip with my family. Last year, we traveled and worked while in  starting a businessBrazil and Australia over Christmas last year. I built up my business while working my day job so that three weeks after I quit, I was flown with my husband to Brazil for my first international speaking event. So it can be done. I never dreamed that would be a reality, but it was. So don’t for a second think the same thing can’t happen to you!
By the time I left my day job, I had PR attention. I was on the local San Diego news all the time. I was featured in Forbes, People Stylewatch magazine and I even published a book! So I know how to do all this with very limited time and that is why I am excited about this blog post about starting a business.

Here’s why I love being an entrepreneur:

-When emergencies come up I can stop work if I had to. My husband was sick a few weeks ago and I just shut the laptop and left the house so myself and my daughter wouldn’t get sick!
-I get to hang with my daughter all day and watch her milestones, (she is 16 months now).
-I work half as much of the time than I did when I was in corporate.
-I can make things happen in a day rather than wait for years before my ideas were heard and initiated.
-I am in charge of my raises instead of waiting for my boss to give me a promotion and raise. I can get a raise next week by making a new product.
-I am so much happier. I feel fulfilled, challenged and like I am finally living a life of no regrets.
-I can work from wherever and no longer need to worry about a commute or long-term location.
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Everything that I envisioned for my life has come true, and that is why I want to teach you how to make it happen too.
So here is where you want to take notes because I am going to teach you something really important.
As I said, I now have a business running online coaching courses and teaching other women how to find careers they love and escape the corporate grind. While coaching these women, I have found the same nine mistakes are repeated all the time.

So here are the most common mistakes made by those who want to quit their day job and start their dream business….

Don’t worry if you are making these mistakes because I made these too. You aren’t alone!

Mistake #1: Relying on a great idea without a solid plan.

An idea isn’t going to make you rich. You have to have solid action steps and a freedom business plan in place before you submit your resignation letter.

Mistake #2: Spending way too much money first.

Nope, don’t do that! Cash flow it! You don’t need a crazy amount of money. Trust me. This is how myself and many of my clients have gotten off the ground. The best way to do this is by selling a product or service before it is 100% perfect. You can always provide a discount for the early adopters if you want. Then, improve and test as you go!

Mistake #3: Trying to do everything yourself.

The best investment I ever made was my virtual assistant. You want to outsource before you think you are ready. Not only will this make it less stressful to startup but you can also focus on revenue generating activities rather than sorting emails. Hire before you are ready and thank me later!

Mistake #4: Waiting too long to launch.

It doesn’t have to be perfect! Test, sell and create as you go. Don’t spend too much time thinking and not enough time taking action. You will paralyze yourself if you think too much! Action is what makes things happen!

Mistake #5: Not focusing on your ideal client.

You have to survey and really understand who your ideal client is. This is so important because you have to know what they think and solve an urgent problem that they have.

Mistake #6: Copying others.

Be different. Don’t subscribe to every free email and get jealous of others. Be creative. Be yourself and create your own brand.

Mistake #7: Starting a business you aren’t passionate about.

Don’t just start a business to make money. With all of my clients, I go through a process to make sure they know their purpose and values so they can start a business they will LOVE.  You don’t want to create a business that is just going to give you more work to do.

Mistake #8: Doing it alone.

Having an accountability partner, mastermind group or coach to help you is something I wish I had learned earlier. My business changed overnight when I invested in a coach and I continue to have a mastermind group and accountability partner. It tripled my income almost overnight!

Mistake #9: Thinking that having a blog is a business.

Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates are not going to make you a living. Trust me. I teach my clients how to create a solid sales funnel that sells their own products and services.
So there are the nine mistakes that new entrepreneurs are making right now.

So now you have an opportunity:

You can control your destiny. You can have freedom in your schedule. You can have more time to spend with your family. You can make whatever income you want to make – the sky is the limit, and you can get your new business off the ground and ditch your corporate job in the next 90 days. I’m not kidding. I’ve done it and so can you.

I want to show you today where you could be. Close your eyes with me right now and imagine your ideal starting a business anna and babyworkday running your own business. Imagine waking up when you want to wake up. Maybe you have some quiet time in the morning. Read a book or hang out with your children. Have some coffee.
Think about how grateful you are for your amazing life. You stay in your pajamas, maybe do some work, but it’s not work to you because you are so passionate about what you do. Do a little yoga or exercise. You actually can’t wait to jump on the computer and see what’s new with the business. What orders and money came through while you slept. What breakthroughs the people you are helping are having. The impact you are making. You are finally living your purpose!
You work a couple hours and then you go out to lunch with your husband. So now you can travel the world and work on your business together. Your kids look up to you and love how much time you have for them. You are accomplishing your goals. Your revenue for next year is ….whatever you want it to be. Maybe $50K maybe $100 or $150K. It’s definitely possible with a simple business plan, trust me!
It’s not as hard as you think when you have a system and a plan. When you are strategic and actually know what the next year looks like. Not just trying a million things at once. If you can learn from someone else who has already done it you can learn the mistakes that you don’t want to make and it will speed up your journey to a freedom business.

This is what happened to me and can happen to you as well.

I know you can do it. The fact that you are reading this blog post right now shows determination. You are ambitious and exactly the type of woman I love working with. I know you can do this. I know you can create your dream business and have the ideal lifestyle that you dreamed about just a second ago.

So I hope you see what is possible for you and where you could be with some simple changes and decisions.

I also today want to cover some of the objections I receive from people who are just dragging their feet in starting a business. I don’t want to give you any excuses for not making this next year your best year ever. This can be year your business dreams come true.

So the first objection is: I don’t have the time.

My Answer: Do you have the time NOT to? How much more time are you going to think about it? Do you have the time to continue staying in the same position not realizing your true potential and your career dreams? Not only that but how much time are you wasting in a job you hate? That time is crucial in the time you could be spending it with your family or doing something you enjoy or traveling the world and learning new things. I like to live a life of no regrets and inspire you to do the same.

The next objection is thinking that you can do it all by yourself.

My Answer: Yes, I thought I could do it myself too. It’s not as easy as it looks. I bought every book and tried every free or low-cost program out there. The only way my business transformed almost overnight, and I was finally able to make enough income to ditch my job was when I hired my own coach. Invest in yourself and learn from someone who has already been through it, so you don’t make the same mistakes!!

Share your comments below this post, what did you learn from the post about starting a business? Share with us what mistakes you have made or are making and give us your goal for the next 90 days.

Can’t wait to see you in the comments!

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