Wanting More Out Of Life? Prioritize These 3 Things (Habits Part 3)

Wanting More Out Of Life? Prioritize These 3 Things


If you missed part 1, listen here: Planning Your Day.

If you missed part 2, listen here. Boundaries

Highly effective women categorize their time and prioritize what is most important.

In this episode I share how I categorize my time including my family time and work time. This is an important exercise to do if you want to create your ideal career and life.

This episode will share the top 3 categories you need to put your time into.

We need to pay attention to how we are spending our time and what tasks and activities will generate the best results. This will help you figure out what to focus on first.




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If you are wanting more out of life, what do you want to make more time for?

I’m recording this podcast from London as we start our year abroad in Europe working, homeschooling and learning foreign languages.

Every one of these time habits and strategies that I am sharing during this habits mini-series I am using myself. Especially when there is a lot of change in my life and I need to regroup and start new routines, this habit is crucial to success and fulfillment.

It’s so nice to have this foundation and these habits ready to pick up again when things get crazy. I’m sure you’ve probably had a busy summer too so I can’t recommend following these strategies enough!


In this episode: Wanting More Out Of Life? Prioritize These 3 Things (Habits Part 3)

  • The 3 categories you should divide all of your work and life tasks into
  • How to make sure you are focusing on the tasks that are going to get you the best results
  • How I block out my time for family time and homeschooling my daughters while abroad and still have focus time for my goals and business
  • How to make sure your administrative tasks (like social media and bookkeeping) doesn’t keep you from working on your goals and dreams


The Three Categories To Divide Your Time Into from this podcast episode:

1. Focus time: These are tasks that are going to help you reach your goals. Maybe you want to improve your finances, grow your business or improve your health, you will need to focus to get the best results. You want to create focus time blocks into your calendar each week so you can focus on planning out how you will reach your goals and doing the ongoing tasks and habits that will get you the results you want!


2. Administrative time: These are tasks that you have to do but they might not get you immediate results. For example, updating my social media accounts and doing my bookkeeping are tasks that I must do as a business owner, but they are tasks I need to set a timer for and do as quickly as possible. If you aren’t careful, administrative tasks have a tendency to eat up the focus time required to help you reach your goals. This is why why a timer is needed to check off these administrative tasks fast so you can move onto your focus tasks quickly.

3. Sacred time: This is important time for yourself and is the time that is going to give you the energy and space to be ready to focus. For me, this is family time and my morning reading time. It’s my homeschooling time, family birthdays and date nights. These are non-negotiable and truly the reason I do what I do. I don’t want my focus time or my administrative time to interrupt my sacred time because my sacred time is how I measure success. Everything I do in my focus time and administrative time allows me to get the best results and have the most enjoyment and fun in my sacred time.


Resources and Links To Help You If You Are Wanting More Out Of Life

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