6 Ways a Mindful Mom Sets Powerful Boundaries (Habits Part 2)

6 Ways a Mindful Mom Sets Powerful Boundaries


If you missed part 1, listen here: Planning Your Day.

On this podcast episode, I share how I set boundaries in my work and life.

The truth is that I can’t do it all! I have to identify what my priorities are and focus on what matters most.

It’s so important to set boundaries around social media time and your administrative time. If you aren’t careful, you’ll waste a lot of time without boundaries.

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What do you want to make more time for?

Do you have certain time of the week that you do certain things. Do you have a schedule right now? Do you know when you are going to work on your career goals? Are you making time for self-care? Remember, you are in charge of your calendar.

I’ve realized that it is more important to work on the right tasks than to work a lot of hours.


In this episode: How a Mindful Mom Sets Boundaries (Habits Part 2)

  • How I freed up more time this year to plan our trip to Europe and to learn about homeschooling
  • The boundaries I set for social media so I can stay focused
  • When I work and when I play – how I make time for my family, my health and personal goals too (like running a half-marathon!)
  • How I first started to transition into better boundaries and habits after my daughter turned one


Six Tips from this podcast episode:

  1. Use Toggl to track your work time and identify where you are wasting time. This will make you more productive and help you see what boundaries you need to create around your time.
  2. You don’t need to be on every social media site or start all the new sites that start all the time. Set some boundaries. Your clients will know where to find you if you aren’t on the newest social media platform. 
  3. Communicate with the people who are important about your routines and schedules. Ask for what you need especially if you need more plans ahead of time and don’t like last minute changes (like me).
  4. Unsubscribe, delete and put on the blinders to the online noise. You don’t have to follow everyone in your industry or people you used to follow years ago. It’s ok to grow and change.
  5. Journal today about some boundaries you want to set. Just start with one boundary at a time. Focus on freeing up your time! Make time for what’s most important. Make time to free up your mind.
  6. Ask yourself, “How can I find the time?” As a mindful mom, I freed up the time for reading more this year. I freed up the time for learning spanish this year. I freed up the time for trip planning and focusing on my dreams and goals! My husband, John, and I stopped watching Netflix and started planning our dreams at night instead.  Save time to focus on things that create calmness and habits for your family and goals.

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I’m looking forward to our next podcast episode I am going to share part 3: Categorizing Your Time

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