4 Best Fixes to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags
If you’re like me, you love a great bag. One of my favorite bags is a Vera Wang with built-in laptop pouch; I loved it so much for work that I bought two! But I don’t love all bags, namely, those persistent and frustrating, sometimes puffy, circles underneath the eyes. They cause us to look tired and older in appearance.
There are endless creams, serums, and diets that tout they can reintroduce that sleek, youthful look and send those bags packing. I was told that my allergies were a contributor to this gaunt look, but what else causes them—and what are they, exactly? Is there a magical solution to keep us looking as flawless as Sleeping Beauty even if we don’t always manage to get enough shuteye?
According to the Mayo Clinic, under eye bags result from the weakening of muscles and tissues around the eyes, causing puffiness. The surrounding fat tissue (and sometimes fluid) then takes residence. What’s left is a pillow-like appearance that negatively accentuates the eyes and causes an individual to look older and tired. Under eye bags are most often associated with aging, as the weakening of muscles is an effect of aging and thus this issue is more prominent in older women. Unfortunately aging is not the only factor to hold responsible.

4 Best Fixes to Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

1. Get More Z’s

During sleep our body is in a state of relaxation and paralysis, allowing fluids to build up and stay in certain parts of our body. When we wake, we may notice initial eye bags only to discover that they disappeared a few hours later. These types of bags are normal, as the body flushed the excess fluid out of our system. But stress or fatigue can prevent our bodies from properly flushing and cause persistent under eye bags throughout the remainder of the day.
If you discover that your under eye bags are present during your entire work day (especially for a few days in a row), it is a sign that you aren’t getting proper sleep. If you are sleeping the recommended amount and see the issue persist, visit a doctor to check for underlying causes like sleep apnea that could prevent you from getting the sleep you need.

2. Know Your Personal Food Pyramid

The food and liquids we put into our bodies have a tremendous affect on our system overall, and beauty experts often praise certain foods for their cosmetic benefits. On the same end they can also cause less-than-desired effects. Alcohol consumption, excessive salt intake, and food allergies (as well as other allergies) also contribute to morning eye puffiness.
While some sweet red wine or a skinny margarita are fine in moderation, heavy consumption of alcoholic drinks can damage skin over time by drying it out, making it look dull, and causing acne. It contributes to eye bags by sagging or loosening the skin. Because these tissues weaken, fat tissues and fluid are able to build up in its place, causing the unsightly look.
Salt prevents the body from flushing water out of its system, which is necessary in order to expel the fluids under the eye that collected overnight. Not drinking enough water will also alert the body to retain water in an effort to prevent dehydration. By paying attention to your diet and, if possible, avoiding extra sodium, your eye bags should go away once your sodium levels are balanced. If you maintain a diet low in salt but still have eye bags, it could also be from a food allergy to milk or wheat, both of which cause puffiness.

3. Research Your Family Tree

Thanks, mom and dad. Your body may be designed to have more fat, less fat, thicker skin, or thinner skin that can contribute to under eye bags. When it comes to hereditary under eye bags there are no lifestyle changes that can be made to help fix or lessen their appearance.
Solutions include products specifically designed to treat under eye bags, at home remedies, and cosmetic surgery. But your under eye bags could also be a result of a health issue such as an underactive thyroid. Know your family’s health history and if you feel that there could be an issue, make an appointment with your doctor.

4. Limit Screen Time

Most of us have some screen time every day; using your iPhone during your work break to check Facebook, responding to emails on the go, to streaming the latest on Netflix, technology has incorporated itself into our daily lives, but we don’t want those under eye bags that come with using an LED screen to get involved!
If you use your devices before going to sleep, the blue light will throw off your internal clock, leading to a harder time falling asleep and less time spent in your REM cycle. Not only that, but you’re damaging your eyesight too; many people who use these devices regularly suffer from digital eye strain.

How to Tell Your Bags to Hit the Road

Makeup and concealers are ideal for helping to camouflage under eye bags but don’t take care of the underlying cause. Your bags may be caused by several factors while only one causes another woman’s. Knowing your body is the best foundation for building your arsenal against these beauty bummers.
If it’s food: Adjust your diet! Reduce your intake of salt and watch your alcohol consumption. Eat foods that are known to help your skin (olive oil, green tea, kale, soy, and kiwi to name a few).
If it’s stress: Consider taking up yoga or meditation. Write down your stresses on a peace of paper and rip it to shreds. Curl up with hot tea and a good book. Find a ticket to your zen place.
If it’s sleep: Attempt to get the recommended 8 hours. Prevent disturbances by wearing an eye mask to block out light. Do a light yoga routine designed to help bring you to Snoozeville.
If it’s allergies: Avoiding outdoor allergens is near impossible, so consider taking an over-the-counter allergy medication, especially during times of high pollen count. You may also be allergic to soaps or certain cosmetics without realizing.
If it’s hereditary: While you can try creams, your best bet is to make an appointment with your dermatologist. She can offer you some options, including filler or a laser treatment to tighten the skin.
There are other changes you can make to your lifestyle and beauty routines, including:
1. Adding in an eye cream to your morning or night routine (keep it chilled in the fridge for extra assistance)
2. Drink more water. Grab a cute reusable water bottle and take it with you wherever you go. Sip liberally.
3. Try a cooling mask, under eye patches, and/or an eye mask.
4. Sleep with your head slightly raised, which prevents fluids from pooling around your eyes.
5. Stop smoking. Not only is it terrible for your body, it can weaken the skin and cause wrinkles.
6. Be sure to take off your makeup before sleeping. Period.
7. Use a moisturizer, primer, and/or foundation with SPF protection as UV rays can damage your skin.
Under eye bags can be a nuisance, especially when trying to conceal them. But there are proven solutions to help you say goodbye to under eye bags and hello to a more youth, confident, classy you!

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