5 Traveling Career Options for Jet-Setting Millennial Women
Traveling is no doubt everyone’s favorite pastime. The only problem is that we are always pressed for time, money, or both, which means we can’t travel as much as we want to. Besides the obvious solution of being wealthy, you can just always opt to have a job that allows you to go to different places without having to shoulder the cost.
Below are just some of the best high-flying career options for women looking to live the jet-setting lifestyle!

5 Traveling Career Options for Jet-Setting Millennial Women

1. Business Consultant

Being a business consultant allows you to offer your hard-earned skills and experience to other companies while traveling at the same time. Consultants often travel at their company’s expense and have a per diem to spend for each trip.
However, expect to deal with high-pressure meetings and long nights, which usually comes with the job. Despite this, the job comes with a lot of other perks like being able to rack up points that will make you eligible for VIP status.

2. Event Coordinator

If you like parties and are good at managing things, why not combine both by being an event coordinator? This job will require you to handle all the logistics of an event as well as all the planning and activities needed to make it happen. Being detailed-oriented is a must and you have to be willing to work long hours on the days leading up to the date of the event.
The biggest con of the job is that it can be stressful. In fact, CareerCast ranked it as the 5th most stressful job in US. It’s challenging, no doubt, but the fast paced lifestyle allows for a lot of travel and mingling with all sorts of people.

3. Diplomatic or Foreign Service Officer

Being a foreign service officer is an important job since you have to represent your nation to other countries. You will be usually based either in a region or a specific country.
One of the great aspects of this job is the opportunity to attend government functions and socialize with other foreign dignitaries. Salaries usually range anywhere from $35,000 to $100,000 depending on your role or position.
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4. Digital Influencer

Gone are the days when influence was solely the realm of celebrities and big wig names. Now anyone with a recognizable brand can become a digital influencer. From bloggers to social media stars, being a digital influencer spans a wide range of categories
As an influencer, companies will often invite you to events—sometimes even overseas—to cover and mention the company or their product in your platforms. These trips are paid for and you get compensated for your time and effort as well.

5. Flight Attendant

This list wouldn’t be complete without a suggestion of a career as a flight attendant. In this line of work, you can travel for work and the airline company will pay you in the process. To nab this job, you have to be at least 21, be willing to relocate, and have at least a high school diploma or GED to apply.
Aside from traveling, airlines also give you paid or subsidized accommodations, daily or monthly allowance, and discounted airfare when you travel on your off-time. Flight attendant salary is above the national average as well with an annual pay of $43,969 as of 2016.
These are just some high-flying career options you can consider if you want to live the jet-setting lifestyle. However, do remember that all of the above jobs require specific skills and requirements. Make sure to cultivate those and do all necessary efforts to make yourself qualified and you’ll be one step closer to landing your dream job!

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