The Best Decision and Investment I Made For My Career
As I am finalizing the plans for my very first Elevate Your Career San Diego LIVE event THIS Thursday, I am getting really excited!  My presentation finally came together last weekend and I wanted to share with you one of the things that I am going to share LIVE this Thursday.

It Starts with a Story

Two months ago, I made the best decision of my life and invested in myself. I hired a coach. I hoped this would be helpful to push me to where I wanted my career to go, but I had no idea what was going to happen.
In the second coaching session we had, my coach told me that I needed to do my own live event. We agreed that I was behind my computer screen too much since I only had virtual clients and virtual events. I was not doing the networking that I actually teach about in my own Get Unstuck programs.  (Oops! Practice what you preach!)

Investing in My Career

So she told me it was time for me to have my first event this fall before the holidays started rolling around. I said, “Umm…it’s already mid-August, I don’t know.”  She asked me what was holding me back from having a live event?  What was I scared of? She told me to write down all of the things that I was scared of. Then she gave me a minute to write and made me share my fears with her.
I said, “I am scared that no one will show up. I am scared that I won’t be able to afford the event and that I won’t have the time to actually make it happen.”
She said, “Ok, how many people would have to be at your live event for it to be considered a success?
I said, “Ten.”
She said, “That’s doable. Are you willing to plan out time in your calendar to make this event happen and try to get some sponsors to help you out?”
I said, “Ok, I suppose I can do this. I do like planning events but really I am just scared to fail.”
So, we hung up and I started moving and making things happen. I booked the hotel and started inviting people I had never met.  I NEVER would have put this event together if my coach hadn’t pushed me. She knew what I was capable of if I got over my fears.
Here’s the best thing of all that I want to share with you. There are OVER TWENTY people coming!!  That’s double the “success” I had hoped. Not only that, but I found SPONSORS who are helping me with the cost and I have successfully managed my time to make this event happen.

My coach made me dream bigger and really made me see all that I was capable of. That is why I highly recommend that you also get the support you need to help you become the woman that you are capable of. 

Invest in Your Career

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