4 Traits That Make Women Successful In Business
Years ago, women were expected to stay at home and raise a family. It was rare that a woman was successful in business and at home. Women didn’t hold high-flying jobs that were considered only for men. But fast-forward to today and woman have dominated the business sector and it is only the beginning.  More and more women are given the top jobs and today we see a record number of woman being nominated as board members, CEO’s and so on. It’s quite exciting for our daughters to grow up in a world of opportunity when over 60 years ago it just didn’t exist.
It’s not surprising that Women in Leadership roles are successful due to the personality traits we each have. Let’s explore the top 4 personality traits that continue to make women successful in business.

4 Personality Traits That Make Women Successful In Business

1. Empathy

Empathy is a skill that not everyone has but women are known to be more empathetic than men. Maybe it’s the maternal instinct that kicks in, or that we tend to listen more.  Women succeed by showing real empathy to their work colleagues, friends and customers. They have the ability to understand how someone feels and can relate to them. They listen and they show they really care. This goes very far in the business world.  Allowing yourself to be seen as real, is a great skill to possess in the business world.

2. Determination

Women in business often have a real determination to succeed because they are powered by their mission and purpose in life. They may have motive and a desire to succeed because of a family to support or they may just have dreams they want to turn into a reality. They may want to make the world a better place or solve a problem that they are having themselves. Having determination can take you very far in business. If you are determined to do something, you are halfway to being successful.

3. Ambition

Not everyone has ambition; that is true. But woman in business tend to be very ambitious in taking the necessary next steps to turn their goals into reality. To be ambitious doesn’t mean you are cut throat or that you will do anything you can to succeed. Instead, being ambitious means having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed. Ambition is a really great trait to have. Some business owners would much rather have someone who is ambitiously working for them than someone who is just happy to be mediocre.

4. Work Ethic

Most businesswomen are known for their great work ethic and they won’t stop working until the job is done. Whether that is a project, a meeting or just making sure their customers get the service they expect. Women also have the great ability to multi-task. Some have families, school drop-offs and home budgeting to work through as well as their day jobs. They also have the unique ability to keep their personal life at the door and work hard and will do what it takes to succeed.
It’s exciting to be a woman in business these days, the world is your oyster and your dreams can be a reality.

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